Daily Activity Explanations

Math – Sidewalk Bullseye Addition
Math – Money Splat
Math – Money Problems
Math – Make a Money Story Problem
Math – Lego Building Challenge – Buy Your Bricks
Math – Place value to 100 using money
Math – Financial Literacy – Learning the Canadian Coins
Math – Financial Literacy – what is my change
Math – What Can I Buy
Math – Make Your Own Store
Math – Playing Store with a Family Member
Math – 100 Chart Coding
Math – Make Your Own Math Story Problem
Math – Make a math machine
Math – 100 Story Problems
Maht – Lucky_13_Game from SD38
Math – Answer How Many about Lila’s creation
Math – Answer How Many about your own creation
Math – 100 Challenge – Keeping Track
Math – Recycling Patterns and Sculptures
Math – Make Your Own Scale
Math – Measurement for Cooking and Baking
Math – Would You Rather
Math and Physical Education – Silly Walks
Math – Silly Story Problems
Math and P.E. – Measure your jump
Math – Castle Towers
Math – Making 100
Math – Birthday Graph
Math – A Measurement Challenge
Math – Crack the Code 1
Math – Crack the Code 2
Math – What is the Question
Math – Coded Messages
Math – Meauring the Old Fashioned Way
Math – Splat Style

Math Games

Math – Games – Making Ten Pyramid
Math – Guess My Number – Headbanz Style
Math – Games – PIG
Math – Games – Addition and Subtraction War      practice your addition and subtraction while playing cards
Nim    You can take one or two counters from the pile. How do you get the last one?
Number bonds to 20 – practice your tens partners and beyond before the balls fall into the hole
Subtraction practice puzzles – use subtraction with numbers up to 20 to solve the puzzle
Galaxy Pals – more addition and subtraction practice with numbers to 20
Number chart patterns – fill in the missing numbers in the 100 chart