This is where you will find the schedule of learning activities. Please remember that this not meant to be a daily/weekly To Do list. Finish what you can and remember that you know best what will work for your family and your child on any given day. I have followed our regular schedule for families who would like to have that structure but this can also be used as a menu of activities from which you can choose. Explanations for the activities are hyperlinked in the schedule but can also be found under Subject Links.
Schedule – June 22nd to 24th
Schedule – June 15th to 19th
Schedule – June 8th to 12th – Money Week
Schedule – June 1st to 5th – Coding Week
Schedule – May 25th to 29th – Art Week
Schedule – May 18th to 22nd – Maker Week
Schedule – May 11th to 15th – Silly Week
 Weekly Schedule May 4th to 8th
Weekly Schedule April 27th to May 1st
Weekly Schedule April 20th to 24th

Previous Schedules

Schedule – April 17th
Today’s activities: A conversation with a family member about school, show what you know about a number, fitness Friday, and a building challenge during centres
Schedule – April 16th
Class letter from Ms. Lynka
Today’s activities: Bookmaking, Dancing with GoNoodle, Shut the Box in Math, Free choice in P.E., a letter from Ms. Lynka, and starting the Who Would Win Animal project.
Schedule – April 15th
Today’s activities: Animal charades, Reader response, Measurement comparison, Animal walks, and Create an animal during Centres.
Schedule – April 14th
Today’s activities: Roll the Dice Story writing, Dancing with GoNoodle, Jelly Bean math, and an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt during Nature School
Schedule – April 9th
Schedule – April 8th
Schedule – April 7th
Schedule – April 6th
Schedule – April 3rd