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    Happy Valentine’s Day

      Last week, during Nature School with Division 8, students worked on collecting, counting, and creating. The students decided on a nature item to collect. As you can see from the photos, chestnuts were a very popular choice. Once students had collected their nature item, their task was to organize their pile so that it could be easily counted. Some chose to organize by 2s, 3s, 5s, or 10s depending on the size of their pile. Some of the collections ended up having more than 200 items. Once the items were counted, all 35 students worked together to create a collaborative art project. We didn’t stop to count the final…

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    Exploring Solids, Liquids, and Gasses Outside

                  Winter Wonders While we were outside exploring states of matter this week, Division 7 wondered: why is it always so rainy here? why do people put salt on snow to get the snow away? do people put salt on trees as well? why is the ice so cold? why does the water that is under the ice shoot out of a hole when you guide it to a hole with your feet? how do rivers make ice? why is snow white? why does ice change colour? how does snow change colour? why has it been snowing on all these days? why are puddles…

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    Happy Family Literacy Day!

    Happy Family Literacy Day! We are disappointed that we were not able to celebrate Family Literacy Day together in our school with families this year but we hope that you are still able to find ways to celebrate literacy at home. In the classroom, we celebrated literacy in many ways. We talked about what it might be like to really dive into a favourite story after reading the book Mungo by Timothy Knapman and Adam Stower. In the story, Mungo ends up as a character in one of his favourite books. What book would members of your family want to visit by actually becoming a character in the book? We…

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    Spider Game

    Division 7 has a spider matching game for you! We have been learning about spiders and noticing the colours and patterns on their bodies. We decided to create our own spider species using our imagination. After we drew our spiders, we used our descriptive writing skills to describe our spiders. Can you match our descriptions to our pictures? If you need help, the answer key is below.   My spider’s legs are yellow, pink, blue, and green. I like spiders because they make webs and they are my friends. My spider is brown in the cephalothorax. It has teeth. It has lots of fangs and it has long legs and…

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    Math Patterns

    Division 7 has started their math learning this year with an exploration of patterns and counting. These two activities form the foundation for much of the math that we will continue to work on throughout the year. Students began by exploring repeating patterns. They worked on creating patterns that had a core that repeated at least three times. They created patterns on the big rocks on a beautiful sunny day. Students are also working on translating patterns from one form to another. Some patterns are translated to sounds or movements. Patterns are also translated to letters. Can you find the ABABCD pattern or the ABB pattern in the photos below?  …

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    First Post of the Year

    Dear Division 7, This is reminding me of the story that we read last week, Could Be Worse by James Stevenson. First Covid, then smoke, now a broken water main, what’s next? I know that many of you have grown-ups who are taking care of you today who are also trying to do their own work. You are going to have to do some of the things that we would have done at school today except that you will do them at home.  Try to do them without too much help if you can. Here are some things that you can do today: Math – Counting Collections At home, you…

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    Last Day of School

        Dear Division 8, Today is our last day of the school year. Usually, it would be quite a different type of last day but this has been a very strange year. We will be having our last zoom meeting today at 1:30 if you are able to join us. We are going to wear our zoom masks for the meeting so if you have not had time to make one, you might want to make one this morning. I am hoping that each of you are able to do some ‘happy hunting’ this summer so that you can find many ways to have a great summer. I am…

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    Happy Hunting

      Hello Division 8, We have our last two days of school this week and I have a few more activities for you to do. If you have not already started, today you can work on making a mask. You can use it for our last zoom call tomorrow or just for fun. In your writing today, you are going to draw and write about things that make you happy and how to find some of those things this summer. We read about this in our last zoom call and I found another book about this. Today’s book is called Happy Right Now and it is written by Julie Berry…

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    Summer Solstice

      Hello Division 8, Tomorrow is the first day of summer. Have you noticed how late the sun is setting now? This is the time of year when it is hard to get to sleep at night because it can still be light out when you go to bed. Here is a story called Sun Dog about a dog named Juno who lives up North where it stays light even longer in the summer. Look at the illustrations in this book. Do you think that you could make a piece of art like the ones in the book?

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    Life Story Writing

    Theia and Raphael used printmaking techniques to make their money including bills and coins. By using styrofoam trays and carved stamps, they were able to make many copies of their bills and coins. If you have not already finished writing all of the sections of your Life Story, I am hoping that you can do that today or tomorrow. I have sent you an e-mail to let you know if you have any sections left to finish. Since we are thinking about Life Stories, I decided to pick a biography for our story today. The story is  The Watcher: Jane Goodall’s Life with Chimps by Jeanette Winter. Jeanette Winter is…