First Post of the Year

Dear Division 7,

This is reminding me of the story that we read last week, Could Be Worse by James Stevenson. First Covid, then smoke, now a broken water main, what’s next?

I know that many of you have grown-ups who are taking care of you today who are also trying to do their own work. You are going to have to do some of the things that we would have done at school today except that you will do them at home.  Try to do them without too much help if you can.

Here are some things that you can do today:

Math – Counting Collections

At home, you can continue working on counting collections. Find a collection of objects that you estimate will be more than 10 but less than 100.

Start by making your best estimate of how many items are in the collection.

Write your estimate on a piece of paper.

Now it is time to count the objects in your collection. How will you count them?

How many objects did you have? Was it an even number or an odd number? Were you able to put them in groups of five with no leftovers or did you have leftovers like we did with the popsicle sticks yesterday?

If you have lego or some other building blocks in your house, you can try making a counting creation like we did last week. Try building a sculpture with exactly:

  • 10 blocks
  • 50 blocks
  • 100 blocks

Counting Outside

If you have time to go outside today, find something that you can count. How many different things can you count?


It looks like it is going to start raining a lot tomorrow. We are going to need our rain boots for nature school. What do your rain boots look like? Do they have a pattern or a design or are they a plain colour?

I want you to draw a pair of rainboots and design a pattern on the boots. Don’t copy your real boots, make your own design. Zaid had a pair of shoes that were covered with pictures of magazine covers yesterday. What would you like to have on your boots? Make sure to add lots of colour to your design.

Language Arts

Find some time to read a favourite book. Tomorrow, I will ask you about the book that you read.

I haven’t asked you to tell me about your summer yet so today you can write a letter to me about your summer. Did you have a favourite part? What do you like to do in the summer? Was it different because of Covid?

Getting Ready For This Week

We want to get outside for Nature School every day this week. If the weather is safe, we will go outside even if it is raining.  The weather forecast says that is going rain and rain and rain. What will you wear to keep dry? Get your best jacket and boots ready for tomorrow. Do you have rain pants? If you have not brought a change of clothes to school yet, you should do that tomorrow especially socks. Also, you should have inside shoes at school starting tomorrow.

Have a great day!





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