Happy Family Literacy Day!

Happy Family Literacy Day!

We are disappointed that we were not able to celebrate Family Literacy Day together in our school with families this year but we hope that you are still able to find ways to celebrate literacy at home. In the classroom, we celebrated literacy in many ways.

We talked about what it might be like to really dive into a favourite story after reading the book Mungo by Timothy Knapman and Adam Stower. In the story, Mungo ends up as a character in one of his favourite books. What book would members of your family want to visit by actually becoming a character in the book? We will be writing about this later in the week so take some time to think and talk about this.

We started planning our class story this morning. We are creating a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story about Taco, the cat who lives next door to our school and loves to explore.





In math, we read a book called How Many Legs? by Kes Gray and Jim Field. Students used the book as inspiration to write their own math story problems.

Here is the video that we watched today from a great website https://thekidshouldseethis.com/. We often watch short videos from this site during snack time. The video shows how a library broke a world record for longest book domino chain.

We also read this news article about another world record that was broken by a student in B.C.


Our last book of the day was a story named Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds. Thanks to one of our Burnaby School District Trustees, Peter Cech, who recorded this read-aloud for us to celebrate Family Literacy Day.

What kinds of family literacy activities can you do at home today or maybe on the weekend? Here are some suggestions.

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