Exploring Solids, Liquids, and Gasses Outside








Winter Wonders

While we were outside exploring states of matter this week, Division 7 wondered:

  • why is it always so rainy here?

  • why do people put salt on snow to get the snow away?

  • do people put salt on trees as well?

  • why is the ice so cold?

  • why does the water that is under the ice shoot out of a hole when you guide it to a hole with your feet?

  • how do rivers make ice?

  • why is snow white?

  • why does ice change colour?

  • how does snow change colour?

  • why has it been snowing on all these days?

  • why are puddles so cold?

We definitely had the opportunity to learn about liquids during this very rainy week. Students used their outside time to continue developing the following curricular competencies in the science curriculum:

  • demonstrate curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world;

  • observe objects and events in familiar contexts;

  • ask questions about familiar objects and events.

I think that many of us are getting a little tired of all this liquid falling from the sky. We are ready to study evaporation if the sun makes an appearance.


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