Parent Resources

General Educational Links

These general links provide more educational resources in a range of subject areas.
Burnaby School District Continuing Learning Website
Ministry of Education Keep Learning Website

Literacy Links

These links focus on how to support early learners to develop their literacy skills in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Educator Matt Glover talks about the benefits of children making books.
What Is COVID-19 – Level 2 – Free eBook

Math Links

Shut the Box – information about the benefits of this game for practicing addition facts

Helpful Sites

The following two sites explain a model called Get Ready, Do, Done. This is an approach that can be used by students and their families to plan how you will complete a task. This model helps students to think about how the finished task will look first so that they can make a plan. This can be helpful when students are having difficulty getting motivated to start an activity or project.