Spider Game

Division 7 has a spider matching game for you!
We have been learning about spiders and noticing the colours and patterns on their bodies. We decided to create our own spider species using our imagination. After we drew our spiders, we used our descriptive writing skills to describe our spiders. Can you match our descriptions to our pictures? If you need help, the answer key is below.


  1. My spider’s legs are yellow, pink, blue, and green. I like spiders because they make webs and they are my friends.
  2. My spider is brown in the cephalothorax. It has teeth. It has lots of fangs and it has long legs and it has eight eyes.
  3. It has a 3-D diamond on its abdomen. The diamond is pink and purple. My spider’s legs have teal, blue, red, green, and orange and its abdomen and cephalothorax are pretty.
  4. My spider has six eyes. The colour is red. It is a girl. It has one 3-D diamond in the middle of its abdomen.
  5. My spider is shy and her legs are pink. Her body is pink because it is poison. Lights colours means it is poison. She has hearts on her body. I like that her hearts are pretty.
  6. My spider is pink and purple and green.
  7. My spider is blue, green, black, brown, pink, white, red, more blue, purple, gray, orange, more blue, yellow, and more red. Ok, wait, more yellow. It has an oval part.
  8. My spider is black and yellow and red and green. My spider is fat. My spider is big.
  9. My spider is a money spider. Its legs are yellow and brown. My spider’s abdomen has two diamonds. He has green tusks. He loves money.
  10. My spider has a pink dot. It also has black coloured insides. It has a pattern on the legs.
  11. My spider has a pink abdomen with a rainbow. It has a diamond and green eyes and a lot of colours. It has four diamonds with eight legs with one pink heart.
  12. My spider has poison legs. It has bloody webs. If it goes near you, you will die. It has an abdomen as big as a chair and its mouth is giant. He can shoot poison. He can camouflage.
  13. My spider is brown and orange and green and big. It is a circle. It has eight legs and it has a small mouth.
  14. My spider is blue and pink. It has two eyes and its abdomen is patterned with pink and blue.
  15. My spider has a heart in the middle and purple, teal, and pink patterns on the legs. It has five eyes. My spider is black. The legs are colourful.
  16. My spider is orange. My spider has white circles in the middle and has a web. It has white and orange legs.

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