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Growth Mindset

Are You Flexible???

No, not like a gymnast…I mean flexible in your thinking? This past week we learned about ‘Flexibility‘.  We learned that when we have a problem, we can’t keep trying to solve it in the same way–we need to be ‘flexible‘. Flexibility is Trying different ways to find a solution. Our inspiration is Ormie the Pig.  … Continue reading »

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Today we watched a video about a cat who never gives up!  His name is Maru and he is from Japan.  He wanted to learn how to swing on a swing.  So he tried and tried until he could do it!  Maru showed us how important persistence can be when learning something new. We each thought … Continue reading »

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All About Me

Today we are going to write some poetry. Writing poetry is more than just writing, it’s like painting, but with words. Don’t just say how you feel, illustrate it.  You need to make the reader ‘see’ what you are saying.  Can you write a poem about yourself? You might try to use a simile to describe yourself.  … Continue reading »

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Maker’s Play

Play facilitates the development of intellectual skills, and also allows for the application of academic skills. For example, a child playing with water, might use intellectual skills to make a boat, but then apply academic skills to write the name of the boat on the side. Play is also a time when children develop self-regulation, … Continue reading »

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Mystery Box

I know that we’ve been at home for a long time now, and some of you might be feeling a little stir crazy.  It’s getting  harder to find things to occupy our time… I know in class we have the lots of friends and activities to keep us occupied, but for right now we need … Continue reading »

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Hello Everyone! I’m blown away each day as I receive emails with images of your work!  Thank you!  ❤ You are working so hard to continue your learning, and I am inspired by you and your parents.  I’m excited to see you taking up the challenge of this new learning–and taking chances to try new … Continue reading »

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Hello Everyone!

 Dear Parents & Students of Division 9,

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Growth Mindset 2

“Gaining awareness of how we view ourselves and the process of learning and thinking can change how we react to new challenges and life’s inevitable setbacks” (A Mindset For Learning). With this in mind we have started to identify the traits of a learner with a growth mindset.   According to Mraz & Hertz (Authors of … Continue reading »

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