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Are You Flexible???

Posted by on October 19, 2020

No, not like a gymnast…I mean flexible in your thinking? This past week we learned about ‘Flexibility‘.  We learned that when we have a problem, we can’t keep trying to solve it in the same way–we need to be ‘flexible‘.

Flexibility is Trying different ways to find a solution.

Our inspiration is Ormie the Pig.  He wants a cookie so badly–and will do just about anything to get one…We laughed so hard we had to watch the video again!!


What would you do to get a cookie?  Watch the video, and see how it ends….another problem to solve…Poor Ormie!  We came up with some pretty creative (although a bit scary!) solutions to this problem…butter, a bat, a drill, a hammer….YIKES!

Your assignment this week:  watch the video together and talk about other possible solutions to his new problem…

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