Dracula or Frankenstein? A Ghost or a Witch?

We are hard at work learning about numbers in Division 9!  One math lesson each week is devoted to a math journal activity–this week we played a dice game (dice are one of the best math materials ever!). 

We love dice games!

For this game you need:

  • 2  six sided dice
  • something to use as counters (mini marshmallows or fishy crackers are fun!)or some crayons to colour with…

I’ve included a link so you can print it out at home to play–

Dracula or Frankenstein?

Ghost Or Witch?

Which character are you???

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Drama Games

We’ve started learning some new games in drama this week. 

I think our favourite is “The Floor Is Lava”!  This game encourages cooperation and communication–ask your child how to play…all you’ll need is something for the floor (like pillows, or place mats)!

Our second game is “I Can Do This”.  No materials needed, although I recommend a soft floor (lots of your children end up on the floor during this game–and so will you!) This game encourages attention to detail, body control and a creative mind!  Good luck trying these!

Our third game is called “Duckie Wuckie” and encourages communication and control of our outward emotions!  All this game requires is 3-4 players and an ability to keep a straight face–look out some of your children are amazing at this one!

What did you notice about your child (and yourself!) while playing these games?


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Leaf Hunt

Each Wednesday we have been participating in ‘nature school’ from 9-10:30.  We have had a great time exploring our senses.  We’ve participated in a ‘listening walk‘, a ‘looking walk’ (scavenger hunt), and a ‘touching walk’ where we explored the texture of items in nature with paper rubbings and crayons.

The last few weeks we have focused on the changing leaves and signs of fall.  Although the weather hasn’t been the best–we are still going out and enjoying ourselves.

Here are a few stories we’ve listened to/watched:

“The Rain Came Down” (We were so quiet while trying to figure out if it was Mr. Seto reading–it wasn’t!)

“Fall Leaves Fall”  (We loved her accent!)

This week we did a leaf hunt–looking for these 5 different types of leaves:

  • a smooth edged leaf
  • a toothed edge leaf
  • a lobed leaf
  • a needle
  • a compound leaf

After collecting the leaves, we used pencils to sketch them.  It was a bit wet–but the covered area at the park protected us.  What a great day!

Can you go on a leaf hunt in your neighbourhood and find these leaves?


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Drama Fun

In language arts we have been reading stories with different versions.  For example, the ‘Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly’ has become a series of books with the old lady swallowing just about anything you can think of!  (My favourite is the pie one!).  Another story we looked at was “We’re going on a bear hunt”.  There are a few new versions of this one too!

These stories morphed into drama activities as well…

We began by acting out the story “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”.

After working through it a few times, we added our own creative ideas of where we could go:

  • inside a library
  • around a bubbling volcano
  • through Mexico

We have since added a new twist, by looking at the story “We’re Going On A Ghost Hunt”!  We also added some new creepy places to search for this story as well.

Can you think of a story we could try?

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Patterns With Nature


Our Big Idea:

We use patterns to represent identified regularities and to form generalizations: Repeating elements can be identified.

We have been working hard learning about patterns in math and decided to use our knowledge to create some patterns outside in nature. 

We had the choice to:

  • work alone
  • work with a partner
  • work with a group       to create our patterns

We had to gather materials, choose a pattern to represent (the core), and then create that pattern (making sure to repeat it 3 times).

Here are some of our results.  Try some of your own at home…








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Our Schedule

Our schedule has been set.  It is of course subject to change…although we try to stick to it as much as we can!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

parent timetable 2017

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Division 9 R.O.C.K.S.!

We have signed our class charter!!!  In the past few weeks we have been talking about how to make our class into a community of learners.  In order to accomplish this task…we have a set of rules that we follow:

Respect: we listen to and respect others

Ownership: we are in charge of our actions

Cooperation: we work, learn, and play together

Kindness: we care about others

Safety: we are careful in work and play

Throughout the year, we focus on living these rules to help us regulate our behaviour.  Students have an opportunity to earn R.O.C.K.S. tickets for displaying positive behaviours.  At the end of each month, we have a draw (from these tickets) and the students chosen win prizes.

Yesterday we all signed that we would “do our best to follow these class rules”


Take a few minutes and ask your child about our class rules, and how they can earn tickets!

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Welcome Conversations

Hello Everyone!

It was great to meet you all over the last few days!  I know we are going to have a fantastic year–growing and learning together!  

 We have a lot of exciting events happening in the next few weeks (really throughout the whole year!!!)-so buckle your seatbelts–here we go!

A few reminders for next week

(okay maybe more than a few…)

  • Monday is a Professional Development Day–students DO NOT attend
  • Tuesday is the first full day for K students
  • Please send your child with an extra set of clothes and  their gym shoes ASAP
  • We are going to the public library on Thursday–don’t forget to send your child’s card!
  • School wide field trip notices are due Monday the 25th 
  • The Terry Fox Run is Thursday  28th at 1pm (all parents and siblings are welcome to attend) don’t forget your “Toonies for Terry”
  • School wide field trip is on Friday 29th

I’m looking forward to a great year!


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Creative Writing

April was poetry month, and to celebrate we have been writing poems.  

We have had mini lessons on:

  • the steps in the Writing Process
  • ideas for a topic
  • how to give feedback to classmates
  • using repetition
  • types of poems (e.g. list poems)
  • using punctuation
  • using juicy words

We have learned a lot about creative writing and have created some really magnificent poems!  We all love it so much we just can’t stop!!!

Check out some of our poems below:


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Door Art

We have finally finished our classroom door design for 2017!  We created a collage of smiles with photos from our class.  We each had an opportunity to learn how to use a digital camera and take photos of our classmates smiles for this project.  

We then worked collaboratively to glue ALL those pictures onto our door. Glue, then add the picture, then fix the picture, then glue some more…it took us about 3 hours to complete the gluing.  Our finished product was well worth it.  Please take a moment to come and check it out!

An extra thank you to our sign language hands (S-M-I-L-E)!

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