The Past and The Future

Last week Divisions 7 & 8 read an indigenous story called “P’esk’a And The First Salmon Ceremony”.   









It was a story basket that included a number of indigenous artifacts related to the story…for example:

  • Eagle Miniature
  • Drum
  • Animal Skins
  • Miniature Canoe

The setting of the story was “long ago”.  It told the tale of how after a long winter the first salmon fishing of the spring was a celebrated event.


Yesterday Divisions 7 & 8 hiked up to the lookout with our clipboards and pencils to do some sketching.  We were looking into the past…1000 years–just like the setting of our story.

Some guiding questions included:

  • What do you think was still here?  Why?
  • What would NOT be here?  Why?

Some of the past sketches are here.

Then we moved to the future 1000 years…What would that look like???

Some of the future sketches are here.

What a great day–even though we had a quick sprinkle of rain…

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Painting Hearts


Yesterday our library story was “The Shape Of My Heart”.

Then we spent our art time painting hearts💜❤💕🧡💗  on the new garden bins.  This is a school-wide project that we hope to complete by the end of this school year.

Painting hearts is more difficult than you can image…So…We started by creating a stencil.  Folding the paper, drawing the half heart shape and cutting it out required that we use a lot of different skills!  We then placed our stencil on one of the bins and traced the inside with black paint.

Finally, we got to choose what colour or colours we would like our hearts to be.

This was a follow up activity to our school wide indigenous “Project Of Heart”.  The tiny tiles (see the new photo on our home page of some of the tiles) we made represent what we are most grateful for and for what we would miss most if we had been sent to live in a residential school.  (This project was based on the story “When We Are Alone” )

Your Assignment this week:  Talk to your child about what they chose to include on their tile and why.

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Walking About…

This year, we have been spending a fair bit of time walking around our neighbourhood.  Each time we go out, we have a purpose or focus in mind–often inspired by The Walking Curriculum.

We have tried:

  • Colour Walk
  • Lovely/Unlovely Walk
  • Opposites Walk
  • Shapes Walk
  • Where are We? Walk (using our neighbourhood map)
  • Hidden Number Walk
  • Numbers you can see Walk (house numbers, license plates etc.)

Today we did an ‘Underfoot‘ & ‘Overhead‘ Walk–we had two questions to think about as we walked…

  1. What do you notice about the world you are walking on???
  2. What is looking down on you as we walk???

One of the goals of these walks is to make us more aware of our surroundings…

“I contribute to group activities that make my classroom, school, community, or natural world a better place.”

This week your assignment is to go on a walk with your family.

  • Choose a purpose/focus…you can choose one from above, or make up your own…
  • Then walk about…
  • What do you notice????
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What is symmetry???

In geometry, symmetry is defined as a balanced and proportionate similarity that is found in two halves of an object. It means one-half is the mirror image of the other half.  If an object is symmetrical, it means that it is equal on both sides.

Yesterday for art we created symmetrical butterflies. Using the paper we made last week during our messy art, (we mixed primary colours to create secondary colours, then added black and white to create shades and tints) we made collage butterflies.  The skill of cutting 2 of the exact same shape is a difficult thing to do.  We are all glad we have been practicing our scissor skills!

This art is a great connection to the butterflies we are currently ‘raising’ in our classroom.  They began as very tiny caterpillars, grew very quickly, and are now moving into the chrysalid phase of their development. So exciting!!!

Here is a video we watched today about the Painted Lady butterfly transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Congratulations to all those students who thought it would take 14 days for the chrysalids to appear!!

We can’t wait to see the butterflies emerge!

Here are the butterflies we created:


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Measuring Capacity

Yesterday we had a wet time measuring the capacity of a variety of containers!  Working in a small group we had to compare containers to decide which had the most capacity .  Our first task was to choose 2 containers.  We then had to predict which one had the greatest capacity–a great chance to practice our communication skills.

After predicting, we then had to measure to be sure!  Wet and wild fun was had by all!!  Our final task was to put 6 containers in order from least to most capacity…tricky stuff!!

Check out some pictures here:

Your assignment this week:

Raid the ‘container’ cupboard and take them to the bath to conduct your own capacity experiments!

Can you put your containers in order from the least to most capacity ?

Have fun!!

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Non Fiction News…

We’ve been working on finding facts in our Non-Fiction reading…Today we chose our own non-fiction book and read it to ourselves.  We had to identify the ‘topic’ of our book, and the title.  We then had to find 2 facts from the story for our non fiction news sheet.

There are lots of non-fiction books to listen to on Bookflix using your Burnaby Public Library Card.


Your assignment this week: Please choose a non-fiction book from Bookflix or your own collection, read it or listen to it, then see if you can remember 2 facts from the book.

Happy Reading and Sharing! 💜

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Earth Day

We had a wonderful Earth Day yesterday!   We started our day by doing a Neighbourhood clean up.  What a great way to contribute to our community!

Divisions 7, 8 & 9 headed over to the Skate Park, where we began our garbage adventure!!

We worked our way back to the school collecting garbage as we went along.  It was great to get together with our learning group and work to help the Earth.

Later in the day we wrote poems about Earth Day.  What an amazing group of writers!!  So creative and invested in making the Earth a better place to be.

Today we will illustrate our poems…I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

Click here to see some of the Earth Day Poems.

>>Your assignment this week: Enjoy the Earth–be thankful and do something nice for the our Planet.<<

Remember: Nature doesn’t need people–People need Nature!!

Happy Earth Day everyone.



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Outdoor Yoga

Welcome to a week of spring weather! 

It is exciting to finally see a weather report with 5 sunny days!!

Our assignment for this week is simple–some self care.

So, grab a die and head outside for some Yoga.

“I can use strategies that help me manage my feelings and emotions.”

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Domino Math

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!! 

We continue to use dominoes regularly in math.  In addition to developing the skill of ‘subitlizing‘, we have been using the dominoes to learn addition.  There are three games we have played with the dominoes to develop our computation skills:

  1. Dunk it Dominoes!–we choose a domino, draw it, then write the number sentence
  2. Cover Me Up–we choose a domino, add up the dots, then cover the corresponding number on our game board
  3. Domino War–we divide the dominoes equally between players, each player flips one domino over (at the same time) adds up the dots and the player with the highest total ‘wins’ both dominoes…continue until one person is out of dominoes  (this is the game we learned today)

“I can work with others to achieve a common goal.”

Playing games also builds our communication skills…

Your assignment this week:  Play a game of War with someone in your family…😉

**If you don’t have dominoes–you can usually find them at the Dollar store or you can use playing cards.

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Amazing Amaryllis

Since returning from the winter break, we have been growing an Amaryllis in our classroom.  We have been tracking it’s progress through non-fiction writing by keeping a log book. This project is an example of how we integrate a variety of subjects.

Curricular Competencies and Content:


“Plants and animals have observable features.”

  • ask simple questions about familiar objects and events
  • features of plants that help them meet their basic needs
  • make and discuss observations made using their senses
  • represent observations and ideas by drawing


“We can describe, measure and compare spatial relationships.”

  • direct comparative measurement (time in days, height in cm)
  • change in quantity (how much has it grown?)

Language Arts

“Stories can be told through pictures and words.”

  • Plan and create a variety of communication forms for a variety of audiences
  • Non Fiction text features (diagrams, labels, table of contents, glossary)
  • Writing for information (what has happened to the plant)

Visual Arts

“People connect to others and share ideas through the arts.”

  • choosing a medium (oil pastel, chalk pastel, water colour paint)
  • express ideas, observations, and experiences through the arts

We have had a great time learning as our Amaryllis grew–and we’re not done yet…watch for our Amaryllis poetry!

This week’s assignment: Plan a fun activity together that you will do over Spring Break.

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