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Bat Art

Bats Everywhere! We continue to build our knowledge of bats–even though our research writing is complete.  We have been watching videos–Did you know there is a bat with a wingspan of 2M??  It lives in Australia.  Here is a video we watched about that bat. As we continue to learn about bats, we’ve also been … Continue reading »

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Butterfly Photos

Last Week, Divisions 7 & 8 went out on a neighbourhood walk with our butterfly ‘viewers’ (thanks to Div. 7 for making those!).  In mixed grade groups we went to look for some interesting patterns and symmetry. The groups had a digital camera and at least 1 viewer and were tasked to work together to … Continue reading »

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The Past and The Future

Last week Divisions 7 & 8 read an indigenous story called “P’esk’a And The First Salmon Ceremony”.                    It was a story basket that included a number of indigenous artifacts related to the story…for example: Eagle Miniature Drum Animal Skins Miniature Canoe The setting of the story … Continue reading »

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Painting Hearts

  Yesterday our library story was “The Shape Of My Heart”. Then we spent our art time painting hearts💜❤💕🧡💗  on the new garden bins.  This is a school-wide project that we hope to complete by the end of this school year. Painting hearts is more difficult than you can image…So…We started by creating a stencil.  … Continue reading »

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What is symmetry??? In geometry, symmetry is defined as a balanced and proportionate similarity that is found in two halves of an object. It means one-half is the mirror image of the other half.  If an object is symmetrical, it means that it is equal on both sides. Yesterday for art we created symmetrical butterflies. Using … Continue reading »

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Amazing Amaryllis

Since returning from the winter break, we have been growing an Amaryllis in our classroom.  We have been tracking it’s progress through non-fiction writing by keeping a log book. This project is an example of how we integrate a variety of subjects. Curricular Competencies and Content: Science “Plants and animals have observable features.” ask simple … Continue reading »

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Holiday Fun

With the holidays fast approaching–and time rushing by, I wanted to give you a task this week that wouldn’t require a lot of work on your part… So here’s a classic holiday song to share together…can you get creative and come up with some dance moves????  ‘Rock Around Your Christmas Tree’

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Dice & Drawing

We have been working with Dominoes and dice in math.  The ability to recognize the ‘dots’ on dominoes or dice is an important math skill (subitizing). What does subitize mean? “To subitize is to identify the number of things in a set simply by quickly looking at them—not by counting them one by one.” This week … Continue reading »

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Story Drama

We have been doing ‘Story Drama‘ the past few weeks.  Essentially, we have taken stories, and acted them out.  Our first story was an Inuit tale called “Hide and Sneak” by Michael Kusugak (a Canadian author from Northern Ontario).  We acted out his story with Division 7 out in the Gold Forest.  It was fun … Continue reading »

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We have been learning about Pablo Picasso the last few weeks.  We know he was born in Spain–and has the longest name ever!!!! Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso We have been very interested in trying his ‘mixed up’ faces.  The … Continue reading »

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