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Bird’s Nests

We have been noticing all the birds around us during our nature school adventures.  There are so many to see!!  We have a list that includes 10 different species…can you remember them all? Lately the Robins have been very busy–singing, eating worms, and making nests.  We were inspired by their construction and attempted to make … Continue reading »

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Finally some beautiful sun! We’ve been waiting for a day like yesterday… to explore SHADOWS! “Light and sound can be produced and their properties can be changed.” Divisions 7 & 8 first used sticks to trace our friend’s shadows in the sand…then moved on to using sidewalk chalk on the Confederation Park pathway.  If you … Continue reading »

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Bat Art

Bats Everywhere! We continue to build our knowledge of bats–even though our research writing is complete.  We have been watching videos–Did you know there is a bat with a wingspan of 2M??  It lives in Australia.  Here is a video we watched about that bat. As we continue to learn about bats, we’ve also been … Continue reading »

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We are learning about bats! This week we have been working on some animal research.  We are gathering information from different sources to compile a report… First we learned how to draw a bat–using a directed drawing technique.  We made that bat drawing into a diagram by adding labels. Here are a few examples:    appearance diagrams … Continue reading »

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Outside Adventures

Yesterday we ventured out into the rain with Division 7 to explore our school garden and begin to prepare it for spring bulb planting. One group at a time headed to the garden area (AKA Mother Nature) to learn about the difference between ‘annual’ and ‘perennial’ plants.  They helped to cut back plants and compost … Continue reading »

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Butterfly Photos

Last Week, Divisions 7 & 8 went out on a neighbourhood walk with our butterfly ‘viewers’ (thanks to Div. 7 for making those!).  In mixed grade groups we went to look for some interesting patterns and symmetry. The groups had a digital camera and at least 1 viewer and were tasked to work together to … Continue reading »

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What is symmetry??? In geometry, symmetry is defined as a balanced and proportionate similarity that is found in two halves of an object. It means one-half is the mirror image of the other half.  If an object is symmetrical, it means that it is equal on both sides. Yesterday for art we created symmetrical butterflies. Using … Continue reading »

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Amazing Amaryllis

Since returning from the winter break, we have been growing an Amaryllis in our classroom.  We have been tracking it’s progress through non-fiction writing by keeping a log book. This project is an example of how we integrate a variety of subjects. Curricular Competencies and Content: Science “Plants and animals have observable features.” ask simple … Continue reading »

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Bird Watching

Yesterday for nature school we went bird watching… But you can’t really bird watch without some binoculars–so we each made a pair during art class. Our Materials: 2 toilet paper rolls tape & white glue coloured paper scraps & stickers markers string hole punch   We were so happy to finally have a day without … Continue reading »

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What is a weed??? This week we are going to be working with ‘weeds’ during our outdoor school time.  We are going to be doing some fall planting in the garden, and need to identify what to keep and what to get rid of! We have read the story “Dandy” together…you might enjoy the read … Continue reading »

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