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Non Fiction Reading

Throughout the year we have been learning the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction books.  We have been developing our skills in finding clues to identify each. Here are some of the clues we look for: After reading, we use a variety of graphic organizers to show our learning. When reading Fiction, we use listening center … Continue reading »

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We are learning about bats! This week we have been working on some animal research.  We are gathering information from different sources to compile a report… First we learned how to draw a bat–using a directed drawing technique.  We made that bat drawing into a diagram by adding labels. Here are a few examples:    appearance diagrams … Continue reading »

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Non Fiction News…

We’ve been working on finding facts in our Non-Fiction reading…Today we chose our own non-fiction book and read it to ourselves.  We had to identify the ‘topic’ of our book, and the title.  We then had to find 2 facts from the story for our non fiction news sheet. There are lots of non-fiction books … Continue reading »

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Amazing Amaryllis

Since returning from the winter break, we have been growing an Amaryllis in our classroom.  We have been tracking it’s progress through non-fiction writing by keeping a log book. This project is an example of how we integrate a variety of subjects. Curricular Competencies and Content: Science “Plants and animals have observable features.” ask simple … Continue reading »

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Would You Rather…

This week we are concentrating on ‘opinion’ writing.  We were inspired by the story “Would You Rather” by John Burningham.  You can listen to the story here.  (Love that accent!)  When we talk about our opinion we give a reason why we think that way.  This is great practice for oral and written language!  It … Continue reading »

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All About Me

Today we are going to write some poetry. Writing poetry is more than just writing, it’s like painting, but with words. Don’t just say how you feel, illustrate it.  You need to make the reader ‘see’ what you are saying.  Can you write a poem about yourself? You might try to use a simile to describe yourself.  … Continue reading »

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This is our last Games & Choices Challenge of the year: It’s Shadows! Walk around your house/yard…what shadows do you notice? How do they change? What surfaces are they on? Can you create your own shadows? How can you play with the shadows…? Make them longer? Shorter? Coloured? Lighter or darker?   Options: Draw your … Continue reading »

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I Can…

Today I want you to think about all the things you can do…and one thing you can’t do yet. One of the Core Competencies included in the revised curriculum is: Positive Personal & Cultural Identity. Some of the “I can…” statements related to that Core Competency are: “I can describe/express my skills.” “I can reflect … Continue reading »

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3D Shapes

As we continue our online learning, I often think about what we would be doing in class if we could be there.  That got me thinking about our Poem Of The Week.  I wondered if you have been reading the old poems in your Poem Book?  Those poems (along with the books of the week) … Continue reading »

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Growing Project

This week’s challenge for Games & Choices invites us to use our green thumbs and grow something either inside or outside our homes.  (I like the idea that we can grow our own food.)  Once again we are able to combine science, math, writing, and maybe even some art. I know that some of you … Continue reading »

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