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Core Competencies

Bird’s Nests

We have been noticing all the birds around us during our nature school adventures.  There are so many to see!!  We have a list that includes 10 different species…can you remember them all? Lately the Robins have been very busy–singing, eating worms, and making nests.  We were inspired by their construction and attempted to make … Continue reading »

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Comparing Shortest to Longest

This past week we explored some measurement in Math. We read a story called “How Long? Wacky Ways to Measure Length”. It is a great book about using unusual items to measure with–like sandwiches (960 equals a football field!), licorice sticks (7 stuck together equals a peacock tail!) and peanuts (42 equals an elephants trunk!). … Continue reading »

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Story Workshop

We are story tellers!! Each week we work on our story telling through story workshop.  We gather materials, create a setting and characters, then create or ‘play’ a story.   We share our stories with our classmates and listen to their stories in turn.  These are great opportunities for us to develop our creative thinking skills … Continue reading »

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We’ve been working on showing numbers in a variety of ways…not just numerals!!   Here are some our recent discoveries:                 How many different ways can you show numbers???    

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Math Talk

This year our school is working on developing a school wide math goal.  We have dedicated the 15 minutes after recess as a quick EXTRA math time to help our students build their capacity. We will be working on all the strands of math through games and math talks. Geometry, Numeracy, Computation, Measurement, Date Collection… … Continue reading »

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Walking About…

This year, we have been spending a fair bit of time walking around our neighbourhood.  Each time we go out, we have a purpose or focus in mind–often inspired by The Walking Curriculum. We have tried: Colour Walk Lovely/Unlovely Walk Opposites Walk Shapes Walk Where are We? Walk (using our neighbourhood map) Hidden Number Walk … Continue reading »

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Measuring Capacity

Yesterday we had a wet time measuring the capacity of a variety of containers!  Working in a small group we had to compare containers to decide which had the most capacity .  Our first task was to choose 2 containers.  We then had to predict which one had the greatest capacity–a great chance to practice … Continue reading »

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Earth Day

We had a wonderful Earth Day yesterday!   We started our day by doing a Neighbourhood clean up.  What a great way to contribute to our community! Divisions 7, 8 & 9 headed over to the Skate Park, where we began our garbage adventure!! We worked our way back to the school collecting garbage as we … Continue reading »

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Outdoor Yoga

Welcome to a week of spring weather!  It is exciting to finally see a weather report with 5 sunny days!! Our assignment for this week is simple–some self care. So, grab a die and head outside for some Yoga. “I can use strategies that help me manage my feelings and emotions.”

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Domino Math

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!!  We continue to use dominoes regularly in math.  In addition to developing the skill of ‘subitlizing‘, we have been using the dominoes to learn addition.  There are three games we have played with the dominoes to develop our computation skills: Dunk it Dominoes!–we choose a domino, draw it, then write … Continue reading »

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