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Math Games

We have been working hard on building our numeracy skills through the use of a variety of math games.  (Some of these skills are for Kindergarten and Grade One students–some are just Grade One.) That includes: Subitizing: To subitize is to identify the number of things in a set simply by quickly looking at them—not by counting … Continue reading »

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We’ve been working on showing numbers in a variety of ways…not just numerals!!   Here are some our recent discoveries:                 How many different ways can you show numbers???    

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Math Talk

This year our school is working on developing a school wide math goal.  We have dedicated the 15 minutes after recess as a quick EXTRA math time to help our students build their capacity. We will be working on all the strands of math through games and math talks. Geometry, Numeracy, Computation, Measurement, Date Collection… … Continue reading »

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Butterfly Photos

Last Week, Divisions 7 & 8 went out on a neighbourhood walk with our butterfly ‘viewers’ (thanks to Div. 7 for making those!).  In mixed grade groups we went to look for some interesting patterns and symmetry. The groups had a digital camera and at least 1 viewer and were tasked to work together to … Continue reading »

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What is symmetry??? In geometry, symmetry is defined as a balanced and proportionate similarity that is found in two halves of an object. It means one-half is the mirror image of the other half.  If an object is symmetrical, it means that it is equal on both sides. Yesterday for art we created symmetrical butterflies. Using … Continue reading »

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Measuring Capacity

Yesterday we had a wet time measuring the capacity of a variety of containers!  Working in a small group we had to compare containers to decide which had the most capacity .  Our first task was to choose 2 containers.  We then had to predict which one had the greatest capacity–a great chance to practice … Continue reading »

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Outdoor Yoga

Welcome to a week of spring weather!  It is exciting to finally see a weather report with 5 sunny days!! Our assignment for this week is simple–some self care. So, grab a die and head outside for some Yoga. “I can use strategies that help me manage my feelings and emotions.”

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Domino Math

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!!  We continue to use dominoes regularly in math.  In addition to developing the skill of ‘subitlizing‘, we have been using the dominoes to learn addition.  There are three games we have played with the dominoes to develop our computation skills: Dunk it Dominoes!–we choose a domino, draw it, then write … Continue reading »

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Amazing Amaryllis

Since returning from the winter break, we have been growing an Amaryllis in our classroom.  We have been tracking it’s progress through non-fiction writing by keeping a log book. This project is an example of how we integrate a variety of subjects. Curricular Competencies and Content: Science “Plants and animals have observable features.” ask simple … Continue reading »

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Counting By 5’s

As we count each day of school and our numbers are getting bigger… Today is our 100th day of school– Hooray!!! As these numbers grow, we have been practicing skip counting in various ways.  We have already practiced counting by 10’s and 2’s. This past week we learned about counting by 5’s.  We read a … Continue reading »

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