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Special Projects

Games & Choices Challenges:


Growing Things

Water Play

Maker Play

Construction Play

Light Play


Science Animal Research

Start thinking about animals that are interesting to you–and that live in Canada…

Check out some of the Non-Fiction Titles on Bookflix (Animals & Nature) for possibilities…all you need is your library card and your pin (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number…)  You can also look on the school library catalogue page for other ideas…

Below is the booklet we will use to record our learning (you can use plain paper if you don’t have a printer!  I’ll show you a cool way to ‘publish’ your own book!).

Animal Research

predator sentences

prey diet sentences


Create a Magazine File out of a cereal box to hold all the work you are currently working on–or have recently completed.  Decorate it with old wrapping paper or crayons/markers–be CREATIVE!  Send a picture to my email and I will post some completed projects on the blog.