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Outside Adventures

Posted by on October 15, 2021

Yesterday we ventured out into the rain with Division 7 to explore our school garden and begin to prepare it for spring bulb planting.

One group at a time headed to the garden area (AKA Mother Nature) to learn about the difference between ‘annual’ and ‘perennial’ plants.  They helped to cut back plants and compost dead flowers.  It’s exciting to think about how our garden might look with all the spring flowers.

The other groups headed out into the grassy field to start prepping the ground near the fence.  Yes, more bulbs–we got 400 bulbs from Bulbs4Kids to plant (thanks to Isabella and Lorena’s Mom!).  These groups worked with trowels to soften up the ground–and dig a few holes too!!  We had scissors to cut grass and leaves, magnifying glasses to check out the interesting nature finds, and tiny containers to gather nature samples.

Check out a few of the images of our time below…

Thanks to everyone who was prepared for the weather!  It was great to be outside knowing we would all be toasty warm!


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