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Butterfly Photos

Posted by on June 22, 2021

Last Week, Divisions 7 & 8 went out on a neighbourhood walk with our butterfly ‘viewers’ (thanks to Div. 7 for making those!).  In mixed grade groups we went to look for some interesting patterns and symmetry.

The groups had a digital camera and at least 1 viewer and were tasked to work together to find, discuss, set up and photograph patterns for the butterfly wings.

The students were encouraged to take turns doing each job in the group–find, hold viewer, and photograph.

The groups were chosen randomly to encourage communication and collaboration with new peers.


  • I contribute during group activities with peers and share roles and responsibilities to achieve goals.
  • I communicate purposefully, using forms and strategies I have practiced.


Here are some of the photos that were taken…


One Response to Butterfly Photos

  1. Roy Falsetto

    What a great project.

    Thank you Ms Fischer.

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