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Maker’s Play

Posted by on May 25, 2020

Play facilitates the development of intellectual skills, and also allows for the application of academic skills. For example, a child playing with water, might use intellectual skills to make a boat, but then apply academic skills to write the name of the boat on the side.

Play is also a time when children develop self-regulation, organization, and working memory. All skills essential for learning academics.

This week’s challenge for Games & Choices time:

It’s Maker Play!

This type of play will help develop the following skills:

  • Planning and organization (Creative  Thinking and Personal Responsibility)
  • Flexibility and perseverance
  • Engineering
  • Problem solving (Critical Thinking)





Option: Encourage your child make a bigger project: A restaurant, a school, an airport so this becomes a multi-day project.

Some possibilities:









Happy Creating!!

I found a read aloud of Iggy Peck Architect to inspire you…

Thanks to Kristi Mraz! 💗

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