Despite the challenges that term 3 and distance learning have thrown at us, it has been a great year! I have enjoyed getting to know each of you over the last year (or two for some)! I know this last term was not always easy and everyone had to make tough sacrifices including staying home and missing out on some of our favorite activities. I am so impressed with your positive attitudes and the hard work you have shown through your weekly activities. Thank you to the parents and other family members that supported us through this transition. We recognize that teaching your child from home on top of an already exhausting schedule was not an easy feat!

If you are looking for activities to stay busy and keep on top of specific subject areas, I have updated the blog with optional resources and it will be left up throughout the summer. You will still find a list of activities under DPA (exercise, outdoor education), Art/ADST, Math and Language Arts. Unfortunately the online Reading Program Raz Kids will expire this summer, but I have listed several other online reading resources (audiobooks, online books, vocabulary practice) as well as information about the  Burnaby Public Library Summer Reading Club. Please do not feel obligated to complete anything and there is no need to send me the finished activities.

I hope that things are starting to settle down as the province moves towards phase 3 and that you are able to enjoy your summer holidays. You all deserve a break!


Welcome to division 30!

Please check this site regularly for weekly lesson updates. 

On this blog you will find a tab for each of the following subjects: Math, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Oral Languages, Dictée), Social Studies/Science, Art/ADST and Daily Physical Activity. If you click on each tab, you will see the “Big Ideas” from the B.C. curriculum as well as ADDITIONAL resources. On the tab labelled “Week #” you will find activities that I have created for our class. Math, Language Arts and Art will be updated weekly with new lessons and assignments. Please submit Math and Language Arts assignments to me via e-mail (picture or PDF/word document) each week. Art, Social Studies and Science are optional depending on family routines and schedules.   

Please download Zoom in preparation of weekly conferencing.

For those of you who are looking for a daily schedule/routines to maintain some consistency throughout the day, here is a suggested plan that can be adapted to your family:

  • Have a set wake up time each morning.
  • Get ready for the day (dressed, teeth brushed), eat a healthy breakfast and perform one morning task such as making your bed or doing your dishes.
  • Have a conversation: share how you are feeling, talk about the plans for the day, think of one thing each day to be grateful for (“je suis reconnaissant(e) de…”). 
  • Take a gradual start to the day by providing some morning choice work. This is a good time to do some independent or partner reading, writing, coloring or quiet/enjoyable work before beginning the school day.
  • Activity #1: choose an activity from this blog.
  • Snack and Story: In class, we always listened to a story while we ate our snacks. Students can listen to an audiobook or a family member read while enjoying a healthy snack!
  • “Recess”: Get outside or take a “brain break” to move your bodies and get rid of some energy.
  • Activity #2
  • Lunch: Eat a healthy lunch then spend some time outside or exercising.
  • Depending on energy level your child may be able to complete an additional activity in the afternoon. Often times children lose focus by the end of the day and this is a good time to get outside for your Daily Physical Activity, have some open play time or do an Art project. Consider setting up a virtual play date or phone conversation with friends to have something to look forward to in the afternoons.

Once again, this is only a suggestion! We understand that every family is going through something different and none of these assignments are meant to add additional stress during an already challenging time. Feel free to make adaptations so that these lessons and routines work for your family.