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Dear Division 6 families,

It has truly been an amazing week of learning! It went by so fast. Must mean we were having fun! Loved the Friday celebrations. Many of them celebrated their personal learning about long division and how proud they felt. This past week, students were given Math homework: Pages 102-3 #1-14 and page 106 #1 (a to l) and #2 (a to l). Click here to see a copy of the questions.

All children should have their Math exercise books at home this weekend. Please review that they have completed the homework and worked on their corrections. Most of the children who completed pages 102-3 have a note from me. Please read the note. If your child does not have a note, it was because they did not hand in their homework on time. We would appreciate having the homework completed and returned to school on Monday, please. We understand that families have activities and things that you may need to do on weekday evenings. In this case, please simply have your child bring their homework back to school and write a note in the planner, thank you!

Some students require a little more assistance in order to feel more confident with long division. If this is your child, I am happy to offer “Office Hours” tomorrow from 11 am to noon. I will send all families a link to Zoom. If your child would like to spend some time with me to help solidify their understanding of long division, please have them hop on!

Students were given a number of words to practice for spelling. Our review will be next Thursday. Please encourage your child to study. Thank you!

Yesterday, we learned about perimeter and will also learn about finding area next week. Feel free to ask them to show you their understanding of perimeter this weekend! Click here to watch a video that explains perimeter for review.

Our Kindness Projects are well under way. I love watching them work together!

For Science, we learned about the effects of sugar and the brain. One activity this week is for your child to record their sugar intake. Thank you for your support! We also started learning about simple machines. We will be diving into this more this coming week.

For art, students started weaving. They are looking great so far! We can’t wait for you to see their finished products!

Thank you for your continued support at home. We appreciate you! We are also grateful for the parents who joined us for our parent meeting last Monday. We had a fantastic week!

Grateful for you, Ms. Chan and Mrs. Paulich

Dear Division 6 families,

I sincerely apologize for missing the last two weeks of updates. A lot of exciting things have been happening since the last update!

First of all, congratulations to all of our doctors for presenting at our successful Medical Conference! A special thank you to our two keynote speakers, Mrs. Helland and Ms. Jiwa. We so appreciate your time with us to inspire us!

All of the presentations were uploaded to FreshGrade. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, please do! All students received small sheets with Two Stars and Wish from all of their classmates too!

I felt so proud of them for all of their hard work! Their presentation skills continue to improve each time they present!


We hope you enjoyed your Student Led Conferences at home! If you have any feedback, please send me an email. Thank you so very much for taking the time to fill out the Two Stars and a Wish for your child. We appreciate you!

This past Friday, it was I Care About You! day. Our class created a collective PowerPoint project where each student was assigned one slide to write a message to their classmates. Click here to view the project!

In Math, we started our unit on division. We are learning how to do long division and dividing in different ways. This weekend, please review this concept with your child. Help check they understand the basic steps. This will go a long way as we move forward next week. You can watch this video by Math Antics on long division or choose a different one on YouTube. You can start with the video on basic division. Another way to help your child is to practice their multiplication facts too. Then they won’t have to rely on the multiplication chart to calculate every question. This will help them in grade 6 and beyond too!

Last week, we started a Kindness Project. Students are working in groups to come up with a project that shows kindness. They are so motivated to work on their ideas and I am so proud of them! You know they are engaged when they ask if they can work on it and they bring it outside at lunch to work on it! Yesterday, they presented their proposals. They received compliments and suggestions on how to make their project even better. I loved the collaborative mindset!

Last week, we also started an Ignite your SHINE course by LaVonna Roth. She encourages us to be SHINEtastic.

Students are learning about themselves through the acronym SHINE.

Self – Know your strengths

Heart – What are you passionate about

Inspire – How to inspire myself when things aren’t going well

Navigate – Take action towards a goal, find a way to make it happen

Exceptional – What makes you exceptional


This coming week is Emergency Response week. Every day, we will focus on one type of emergency response and practice the procedures.

On Monday, May 10, Mrs. Paulich and I will have a parent meeting at 7:15pm on Zoom. The link was sent to you via email last week. We hope you can join us!

Thank you for your continued support at home. We really appreciate it!

Sincerely, Ms. Chan and Mrs. Paulich

Dear Division 6 families,

Tomorrow is the long-awaited day! Our Gilmore Medical Conference where doctors from around the world will present! Here is the criteria [PDF] we co-constructed for presentations. All students are asked to dress up as an official speaker for our conference.

We are so very blessed to have two amazing people in our very own community who will be presenting our keynote presentations! Thank you so very much to Mrs. Helland who will be joining us for our morning keynote presentation and to Dr. Jiwa who will be presenting our closing keynote. We are so looking forward to having you join us for our special day!

Your children have worked so hard on these presentations. Even before they present tomorrow, I am already so proud of them for their perseverance, dedication, and time not only at school but at home. I am SO looking forward to tomorrow!

For the past couple of weeks, students have been working hard on their poetry. This Thursday, they will be coming home with their collection and seeking your feedback. Thank you, in advance, for your time to celebrate your child’s success!

Thank you so very much for your continued support at home. Please continue to have your child practice their math facts! thank you!

With great appreciation, Ms. Chan and Mrs. Paulich

Monday, April 26 – Pro-D day; school is not in session
Friday, April 30 – Beach Day (dress up day)

Dearest Division 6 family!

I hope you had a most wonderful and relaxing spring break! I thoroughly enjoyed mine as I primarily spent time at home enjoying checking things off my to-do list, passion projects, and connecting with many friends over Zoom. I also celebrated my birthday over the break and felt so loved.

As we return to school on Monday, please continue to do the health check in the morning before coming to school and remind your child to wash their hands well at school. We will continue to remind them to do the same when at school. Click here to learn more about the Daily Health Check.

I hope you enjoyed reading the report cards with your child. It’s important to discuss and celebrate all of the strengths and growth areas. We write them from a strength-based perspective. I often tell people that although it takes numerous hours to write, this is dedicated time where I am intentionally thinking about each student, to celebrate their strengths, consider where they can be pushed for next steps, and how best to support each one of them moving forward. It’s a great time to stop to reflect. If you would like to meet to discuss any part of your child’s progress, please let us know and we will set up a time to meet over Zoom.

Here are some Mystery Doug videos you can enjoy with your family:

How Pencils are Made?
Could People Ever Walk on Walls?
How is a Rainbow Made?

We have an exciting first week back planned. I have done a lot of daily professional development over the break and I’m feeling even more impassioned with some new ideas to inspire your child. One thing we talk about every day is pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I would love for you to start having conversations at home about that too. So instead of asking your child, “What did you do at school today?” ask…

  • What did you do that was in your stretch zone today? Follow up with: Your stretch zone is where you grow more!
  • What did you do that required you to be brave today? Follow up with: You’re braver than you think. You can do hard things.
  • What did you do to help, support, or in service to others today? Follow up with: How does that make you feel when you show kindness?
  • How did you make someone’s day a brighter one? Follow up with: How does that make you feel when you made an impact?
  • How hard did you work today? Follow up with: How does it feel when you persevere and work hard to complete your assignments?
  • What are you most proud of today? Follow up with: What would you like to be proud of for tomorrow? What might a goal be?

I recently wrote a post as the first one to introduce a new monthly blog series called Many Gifts to Discover. Go to my website to read if you are interested. I’d love to hear what resonated with you most. Thank you for reading and for sharing!

As always, thank you for your continued support at home. We treasure our partnership!

Sincerely, Ms. Chan


  • Sign and return report card envelopes by the end of the week, please.
  • Wednesday, March 31 is jersey day. Please wear your favourite jersey to school!
  • Continue to practice all math facts at home (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). As a mother, I know it takes time and effort at home to practice WITH your child but there is a direct positive impact because they can make calculations with greater speed, accuracy, and confidence. I know their grade 6 and eventually grade 7 teachers appreciate it!

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