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We Comprehend and Connect.

We are readers who comprehend and connect. We will practice Reading to Self – to read independently for up to 30 minutes. During this time, we can work with students individually or in small groups.

We will discuss the strategies that good readers use as they read to help them understand the text better. They are always thinking about what they are reading. If not, then it’s just like hearing sounds but not actively listening (like Charlie Brown in school). Here are a few reading strategies:

  • make connections to what they are reading: text to self (reminds them of something they have experienced), text to text (reminds them of another book, or text to world (reminds them of something in the world) and empathize with the characters
  • make predictions: guess what will happen next
  • ask questions
  • visualize: make a movie in their mind
  • metacognition: thinking about their thinking; to have an awareness and understanding of their own thinking

Here are the curricular competencies from BC’s Curriculum – English Language Arts (reading, listening, and viewing): Grade 2 Grade 3



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