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We Are Athletes.

Mr. Ho teaches us in the gym.

This is the overview for Physical Health and Education 2/3: 

 Big Ideas: 

  • Daily participation in physical activity at moderate to vigorous intensity levels benefits all aspects of our well-being. 
  • Learning how to participate and move our bodies in different physical activities helps us develop physical literacy. 
  • Movement skills and strategies help us learn how to participate in different types of physical activity. 

 Physical Literacy: 

  • Develop and demonstrate a variety of fundamental movement skills in a variety of physical activities and environments 
  • Apply methods of monitoring exertion levels in physical activity 
  • Develop and demonstrate safety, fair play, and leadership in physical activities 
  • Identify and explain factors that contribute to positive experiences in different physical activities 

 Health and Active Living: 

  • Participate daily in physical activity at moderate to vigorous intensity levels 
  • Identify and describe opportunities for and potential challenges to being physically active at school, at home, and in the community 

 PE Content: 

  • proper technique for fundamental movement skills, including non-locomotor, locomotor, and manipulative skills 
  • ways to monitor physical exertion levels 
  • how to participate in different types of physical activities, including individual and dual activities, rhythmic activities, and games 
  • effects of physical activity on the body 
  • practices that promote health and well- being, including those relating to physical activity, sleep, and illness prevention 

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