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Core Competencies

Learn more about the Core Competencies – BC’s curriculum and how we are fostering these in the classroom.


  • Each day, we have opportunities to communicate during our Community Circle time. Here, depending on the topic of the day, we share our personal stories and/or our feelings. Sometimes, during our pre-writing activities, we discuss our ideas with each other before we write. Other times, we are communicating reflections on our learning either orally or in our writing.


  • We have numerous opportunities to collaborate and work with a partner or in small groups. So often when learning new math concepts, for example, students are working together to make sense of the new content before showing what they know individually. At other times, we experience team building activities where collaboration is the key to success.

Creative Thinkingprofiles

  • Students are offered an opportunity to play each day. They have been taught about a simple strategy to becoming more creative: SMART and are encouraged to be creative especially during creative writing or art.

Critical & Reflective Thinkingprofiles

Personal Awareness & Responsibilityprofiles

Positive Personal & Cultural Identityprofiles

Social Awareness & Responsibilityprofiles

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