This week we will be working on a totem pole animal that represents ourselves. Totem Poles tell the story of the person who made them. Every animal carved into a pole and every colour have a different and very important meaning.

Part 1:

Let’s start by reading through the first two pages of an article on Totem Poles HERE.

Afterwards, answer questions on the article TOTEM POLES.

While thinking about what animal has similar characteristics as you, read TOTEM POLE SYMBOLS (page 3 and 4) about 6 different animals that were commonly used in Totems Poles.

What animal are you like? Are you powerful like a bear? A builder like a beaver? A leader like an eagle? A trickster like a wolf? Or, if you don’t connect with one of these 6 animals, which animal are you like? Are you jumpy and like swimming like a frog? Are you shy like a turtle? Are you loyal and like playing like a dog? Are you independent and watchful like a cat? Are you gentle, kind and caring like a deer? Are you intelligent and a risk taker like an eagle?

Make a connection to your animal.

Part 2:

The next 5 pages are examples of different animals (page 5-9) to look through for design ideas before starting. HERE

Using an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, use a pencil to draw a large head of your animal (some animals may need the whole body). It is important to fill as much of the page as possible. Totem pole art uses lines around lines and shapes inside any empty space (but not too many!). When you are finished drawing, there should be large spaces, of different shape and size, to be filled in with colour.


Example: Notice the basic shapes such as circles, crescents and u-shapes. I also folded the paper so I could trace one side.