You will need this sheet (PDF) and one die to complete this Spelling activity.

Let’s use our previous spelling words as an example:

health, nutrients, stream, vital, intense, current, exhausted, hibernation, deposited, thrive

Rolling a 1: Try your best to draw what each word means-you may need to draw a few things so that your picture makes sense, then, label your pictures

Rolling a 2: Print all of your words in ABC order-be careful when you have two words that begin with the same letter–you have to look at the second letter as in health and hibernation–E comes before so health comes before


Rolling a 3: Write 5 detailed sentences

Choose 5 of the words and create 5 juicy detailed sentences for example:

I know that the heart is a vital organ and we need exercise and eat nutritious food so that our heart is healthy too.

Rolling a 4: Crossword: use at least 2 words to create a grid like a crossword

Can you guess the word that begins with an h?

Yes, it’s health

Now, can you guess the word that begins with a t?

Yes, it’s thrive

The difficult thing about making a crossword, is that you cannot have words right beside each word unless it makes sense. So, using all 10 words in one crossword is challenging–but I think some of you will be able to do it!

Rolling a 5: Rainbow printing

Rolling a 6: Capital Letter