Part 3:

Read through the 2 page article on Totem Pole Colours.

  • Which colours and their meaning relate to your animal?
  • Only use the colours listed on the chart and colour in your totem pole animal using markers or pencil crayons.Totem Pole Colours
  • You may also use brown in some spaces to represent the uncoloured cedar of the totem pole.
  • Cut our your totem pole animal.

Part 4:

Our last step will be writing 3 sentences about your animal using the sentence frame: Click PDF or Word

  1. I am a __ because a __ is __.
    • I am a wolf because a wolf a team-playerIt lives within a pack and family is very important to them.
  2. I ____.  What do you do that is like your animal?
    • I love to be with my family during special occasions like my birthday and I play games with my aunty and uncle.
  3. I used __ because ____.
    • I used green because it symbolizes the earth and trees that a wolf uses to live. I also used red and black because wolves have to be brave and strong when they see something that scares them.