We often say good readers always make connections and we have worked on this reading activity throughout the year.

Please use this graphic organizer (PDF or Word) to complete this activity and write complete sentences.  The example we are using is Little Red Gliding Hood.

Some of the questions we ask ourselves are:

  • Text to self connections:
    • What does this story remind you of?
    • Do the characters remind you of yourself?
    • Do you remember something about your own life that is like something in this story?

  • Text to text connections:
    • Does this story remind of you of another story you have read?
    • Do the characters remind you of other characters you know?
    • How is this story similar/different to stories you have read?

  • Text-to-world connections:
    • What does this remind you of in the real world?
    • What is happening in our world that is similar/different from what is happening in the story?