Seaforth 2022-2023

Gr. 6 & 7 Learning

Division 1 Learners of 2021-2022: Blog is now up-to-date!

Hello community of division 1, Welcome to our updated blog for the 2021-2022 school year! The Division 1 learners have been getting a crash course in Microsoft Office 365 throughout the term. In their investigations they have been learning to carefully curate their Digital Learning Portfolios in Microsoft OneNote. All of their assignments, projects, and […]

Last, Last, Last, Last Week Today: March 1-5

Welcome to Last, Last, Last, Last Week Today. This week (March 1-5) things have been going past very fast with school wrapping up. From Salmon Dissection to Settlers of Catan it was a wonderful week! With Spring Break approaching we have been wrapping up the class –focusing on finishing the grade 7 learning portfolios.  Special Events  We have had […]

New Edition: “Week-at-a-Glance” from Student Contributor (February 16-19th)

Hello Community of Division 1 and beyond, We have begun a new and exciting initiative right here on our blog spot to keep everyone up-to-date with what is happening here in the classroom. Each week, a student of division one will write a “Week-at-a-Glance” blog post. It is our hope that our families at home […]

Grade Sevens, are you stuck in a Book Rut?

When reaching to our book shelves these days, we may feel like the titles are getting a bit repetitive. Like, how many times can a person read the Harry Potter series? Well, that really depends on who you are asking. For me: never enough times #potterhead. Branching beyond our well loved books at home, many […]

Access to Ed Apps & Connecting

Access to Ed Apps I sent out access (via email) to 5 different Educational Applications and Online Classrooms that I hope to use with our class: Take some time to explore tomorrow and Monday! _________________________________________________________________________ Connecting Many students in our class have been getting online and checking their inboxes and Teams at least once a […]