Week 6

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

I hope you all had a well deserved long weekend and had a chance to go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Fitness Log # 3 is coming your way this week and will be collected May 29th.  I want you all to continue getting your weekly activity.

This weeks challenge:  I want you to step out of your comfort zone and do an activity that you have either never tried before or are new to.  For example, if you have been spending your activity time going for walks, maybe try a jog or run.  If you have been doing Yoga, maybe try a fitness circuit.  If you have been practicing a particular sport, take an online dance class.  TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Cutest 80's workout baby ever! | Toddler girl halloween, Baby girl ...

If you feel comfortable post up your new workout on our Teams page!

Below are links to different classes or some activities for you to design your own circuit.  If you need any advice or suggestions don’t hesitate to ask!

Keep it up everyone!!


Week 5!

Happy Monday Everyone

Keep working on your fitness log,  Fitness Log # 2 is due on FRIDAY!

Finding it hard to decide what kind of workout to do?  Please check out the Burnaby Central Home Workout Plan below to mix up your weekly activity.

Also remember there are a lot of free resources and classes online to take!  Have something specific in mind that you cannot find? Message me and we will see how to get you that activity 🙂

Burnaby Central PHE Home Workout Program

  • Remember to choose activities that are safe to complete in the space that you have.
  • Form is more important that “how many” you can do.
  • Be safe and listen to your body!

Week 4!!

New Fitness log has been assigned on Teams.  Keep up your activities!

Activity Challenges coming your way! Be sure to check into teams daily!

Fitness animals are extremely funny and cute - YouTube

Some Fitness Resources

Please post any great resources you are finding online to our Teams group!