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Month: October 2017

Unit 1 Test – Reproduction


Our Reproduction Unit is now complete, Have a great weekend!

We will be starting Chemistry on MONDAY

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Our Unit test for Reproduction will be Friday November 3rd

Review package coming……..

Unit 1 Review

Answer Key to Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 Review Answers

Fridays test will be all long answer questions.  I will be giving you 6 questions and I will choose 4 out of the 6 questions to be completed.  Answers must be in full sentences and include correct vocabulary.  

Science 9 Reproduction Unit Test

The Visual Dictionary for Unit 1 will also be collected.


Science 9 This week ( October 16-20)

Today (Thursday October 19th)

  We will be working on our Fertilization Stories

Notes and Project Instructions

Human Reproduction Notes and Fert Project

Video we watched about fertilization: 

They will be due FRIDAY OCTOBER 27th!

We have started our Human Reproduction project

Human Reproduction



Tests marks are completed online

We will start the second half of unit one tomorrow


Sexual+Reproduction Student Notes

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