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Science 10 June 8-18

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are down to our LAST TWO WEEKS!! We have officially finished our Biology section (Your DNA Technologies projects are due on Friday) and our last unit is Physics.


We will be focusing on Energy Transfer and Transformations.  Your Final project will be to be design a Rube Goldberg Machine.  This will be a challenging assignment where you will really need to be creative and think outside of the box!  There are TONS of resources and videos to watch to help you along the way and it will be collected on the LAST day of class (June 18).  A video of your Rube Goldberg machine in action must be submitted with the assignment.

Rube Goldberg Machines — Boom Box Post

Class Notes:
Energy Type, Transfer and Transformation


Science 10 June 1 – 5

3 weeks left till summer!!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Update for “in class instruction”:  This is OPTIONAL, online learning will continue and in class instruction is just for additional support if you need it.  There will be no penalty for not attending.  The schedule is as follow:

Letter sent home to families INCLUDES SCHEDULE

  • June-1-2020-Start-Up-Info
    • You will be split up into groups by Last Name.  Each group may attend school (mornings only) 1 day a week.
    • Only attend your class during scheduled time.
    • You may attend as many or as little classes as you would like on your designated day
      • For example, if you need help in Science but not in English, you can just attend for one block.
  • Safety is our main concern
    • Please make sure to wash hands once you have entered the building
    • Bring your own device and writing materials.  You will not be supplied with them
    • Do not attend if you or anyone in your household is ill
    • You will be required to wipe down your space when class is over.
    • No congregating in hallways or commons (or anywhere in the school)
    • Everyone must enter and exit through the schools main entrance.
    • Practice social distancing at all times.
    • Gyms will not be open and no equipment may be used or brought to school.

This week’s activities

QUIZ TODAY! Make sure that you write the quiz by 3pm 

We are in our last section of Biology!

Class Notes:

Research Project

Please do some research before picking a topic and choose something that interests you 🙂

As you may need longer than 1 week to complete this assignment, I will push back the due date until June 15


We can identify 'bad' genes. Why can't we use CRISPR gene editing ...

Our Last Unit is Physics, we will spend the last two weeks learning about Energy Transformation.



Science 10 May 25-29

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Last week of May, heading into our Last couple weeks of school!

As you all have heard, the school will be re-opening on part time basis starting June 1st.  You will soon be given the information on when and how you will be able to access the school.  I want to reassure everyone, that attendance is OPTIONAL.  You will not lose any marks or miss out on any information by remaining online.  All of the notes, assignments and resources will still be posted on my blog and collected through teams.  The “In school” portion will be designed to help those individuals who need additional support or those of you who still have a missing test from before spring break.

The time you will be able to access the school are still being determined and you will find out sometime this week.  I am still happy to do Teams chats with those individuals who need additional support but do not feel comfortable coming into the school.

More Info on School Reopening to come!

This week’s activities:

Quiz on Natural Selection, Artificial Selection, Mutations (Everything up until now after Genetics)  On MONDAY June 1st (Will be open 8 am-3:30 pm) 

Textbook Pages 47-57

Speciation Activity

Artificial Selection

Quiz Preparation

  • Review Section 1.3 from textbook and workbook
  • Workbook Pages 43-47

I am going to do a check in at 11 am Block 3 and 1pm Block 4 on Tuesday May 26th for a Question and Answer session.  If you want to attend the other classes’ session that is possible but I will have to invite you, so please let me know if you want to attend the other block’s session.

Have a great week everyone !!!

70 Best Motivational "You Can Do It" Memes That are Super Funny


Science 10 May 11-15

Happy Monday !

We are now officially half way through our Biology Unit.  Please make sure to check the feedback on your assignments so far and make any necessary corrections.  If you are having some difficulties with the content, please contact me for a video chat session!


This weeks activities

New Visual Dictionary- Work on a bit at a time, will be collected at the end of the unit

Biology Part 2 Visual Dictionary

Notes & Assignments

** You will need to take time learning this topic, please complete the notes and watch all videos that go with them.  Especially the video attached to the activity**


I have only included this one topic because I want to give you time to Review everything we have learned up until now.

Please go over your answers to the past two quizzes and ensure that you understand these topics

Please contact me through Teams if you would like to set up a Review Video Chat.  If lots of people are interested we can set a date and time.  Otherwise I am available Monday-Friday, message me to set up a time.



Science 10 April 27-May 1

We made it to week 3 !! I hope everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves!  Reminder that I am available Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-2 for video chats/help with assignments.  If you can’t make it in that time feel free to message me at any time.

Another reminder that I am posting the entire weeks lessons every Monday, but you have until the next week to hand in the assignments.  So relax and pace yourself so you don’t burn out!

There is a quiz today on Biology up to now.  Please log on Teams to take

You will have until 3pm to finish the quiz.  I will be able to see how much time it took to take the quiz.

This week’s assignments

  • Continue to work on Visual Dictionary



Corresponding Textbook Pages

Pages 24-32

Here is something for everyone who needs a smile!  John Krasinski has started “SGN” or Some Good News and the Episodes put a smile on my face!  Anyone interested check it out!

Science 10 April 20-24

Hello All, 

  Here is your assignment for the week.  Please upload the Karyotype activity to Teams when complete.

Week 2 Assignments

Unit Visual Dictionary:

  • Complete a little at a time, I will collect this when we finish the first half of Biology (2 more weeks) If you do not have pencil crayons you can leave images uncoloured or use images from the internet.  But be careful what images you choose as not all googled images match the correct term.



Quiz ON MONDAY APRIL 27- Covers all Biology up until now.

How to Hand in Assignments

Hello All,

  The instructions for the assignment can be found in our class post on the blog.  Once complete, please submit your assignment through Teams.

You have to add their assignment using “+” button.  You can’t just click “turn in”. Once you click “+” you can create a link or choose the file from your Onedrive. If you miss this step you will get a blank assignment.

If your assignment is too large to upload through teams I have created at dropbox folder that can be found on the top of the blog labelled “Hand in Folder”.  Please click the appropriate class and upload your assignment.  Please try through teams first and only use this folder if your file is too big.

Science 10 April 14-17

Hello Everyone!

  I hope each and everyone of you were able to find some time to spend some time with friends and family during the Easter Break.  Going forward, every Monday (It is Tuesday today because of the holiday)  I will be posting your assignments for the week.  Due dates for the assignments will be flexible but should be submitted within 7 days of being assigned.  This way you will not fall behind and have everything left to do at the end.  For all assignments I will be posting resources for you to use.  

   The textbook is available online at the link below

Nelson-Science 10 Textbook

I will also be assigning workbook pages so please let me know if you have left your workbook at school.

Our next unit is Biology which we focus on DNA being the basis for the diversity of all living things.

I will be available on Teams to chat between 1:00pm-2:00pm  to chat and answer any questions about material or assignments on Tuesday and Thursdays.  If you are unable to make it during that time but have any questions please send me a message on the Teams page at any time.  Other students may have the same question or may be able to answer it as well.  I want you guys to treat the Team’s page as a place to get together to ask questions and share information.  Remember to be respectful of each other’s ideas.  Before getting started please read the online guidelines below

Digital Responsibility – Students and Parents or Guardians

Week 1 Assignment

Week 1 Resources 

Extra Assignment

  • If you are finished your model and want to try some DNA Origami click the link below.  This is completely OPTIONAL and be warned it is not easy!  If you are up for a challenge give it a try
    • DNA Origami
      • You will need to download and print the blank template
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