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Science 10 June 1 – 5

3 weeks left till summer!!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Update for “in class instruction”:  This is OPTIONAL, online learning will continue and in class instruction is just for additional support if you need it.  There will be no penalty for not attending.  The schedule is as follow:

Letter sent home to families INCLUDES SCHEDULE

  • June-1-2020-Start-Up-Info
    • You will be split up into groups by Last Name.  Each group may attend school (mornings only) 1 day a week.
    • Only attend your class during scheduled time.
    • You may attend as many or as little classes as you would like on your designated day
      • For example, if you need help in Science but not in English, you can just attend for one block.
  • Safety is our main concern
    • Please make sure to wash hands once you have entered the building
    • Bring your own device and writing materials.  You will not be supplied with them
    • Do not attend if you or anyone in your household is ill
    • You will be required to wipe down your space when class is over.
    • No congregating in hallways or commons (or anywhere in the school)
    • Everyone must enter and exit through the schools main entrance.
    • Practice social distancing at all times.
    • Gyms will not be open and no equipment may be used or brought to school.

This week’s activities

QUIZ TODAY! Make sure that you write the quiz by 3pm 

We are in our last section of Biology!

Class Notes:

Research Project

Please do some research before picking a topic and choose something that interests you 🙂

As you may need longer than 1 week to complete this assignment, I will push back the due date until June 15


We can identify 'bad' genes. Why can't we use CRISPR gene editing ...

Our Last Unit is Physics, we will spend the last two weeks learning about Energy Transformation.



Science 10 May 11-15

Happy Monday !

We are now officially half way through our Biology Unit.  Please make sure to check the feedback on your assignments so far and make any necessary corrections.  If you are having some difficulties with the content, please contact me for a video chat session!


This weeks activities

New Visual Dictionary- Work on a bit at a time, will be collected at the end of the unit

Biology Part 2 Visual Dictionary

Notes & Assignments

** You will need to take time learning this topic, please complete the notes and watch all videos that go with them.  Especially the video attached to the activity**


I have only included this one topic because I want to give you time to Review everything we have learned up until now.

Please go over your answers to the past two quizzes and ensure that you understand these topics

Please contact me through Teams if you would like to set up a Review Video Chat.  If lots of people are interested we can set a date and time.  Otherwise I am available Monday-Friday, message me to set up a time.



Self Care

Hello Everyone!

   Please read the “Big List of Self Care Activities” and comment with at least one activity that you will do this weekend to take care of yourself!  Not all of these activities can be done right now BUT there are a LOT of things we can still do!  If it is not on the list, add it!

When commenting Put first name and Last Initial.  No need to put in your email.  Your response will not appear right away as I need to “approve” it. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Ps: If you have not yet read the previous two posts, you can do so now 🙂 

Chihuahua Dog Relaxing And Lying, In Spa Wellness Center ,wearing ...

Getting Started!

Hello Everyone!!

     Your period 2 teacher from the school will be contacting you over the next two days.  We will be reaching out to connect with you to see how you are and if there are any supports needed going forward. 

For our classes, this will be the “Hub” of where you will get all of your information, assignments and updates from me.  We will also be using Microsoft Teams to discuss and connect on any troubles or questions you are having in our new way of learning.  The important thing you can do right now is relax, do not stress and we will work together to ensure everyone gets supported in their learning.

For those of you who are asking “What can we do now?”

First, please make sure you have access to Office 365 Teams, which you will need to log on using your school email.  The link below describes how to do this:

How to Sign in to O365

Second, you can start by completing the Digital Citizenship Quest on the learning portal below

Burnaby School District Continuing Learning

  • Go to the Student section and follow the links to the Digital Citizenship Quest.

Remember, this will be a transition for everyone and to take time to breathe!

Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

Welcome Back to …..Online School?

Hello Everyone!

   I hope you were able to take some time during these last two weeks to relax and focus on you! We are all in this unprecedented time together and we will figure out what school will look like going forward.  I want you to take a deep breath with me and understand that this is new for us all and we will get through it together.  I will  be here to support you through this time and help you keep up to date.  Do not hesitate to email me (amanda.hemingway@burnabyschools.ca) at any time during this process.  We are working hard to figure out how to connect with you all.   Be patient, and we will be checking in with you soon. 

Hang in There: Funny Sloth Journal Notebook Gift by Sarah Crossley

Science 10 Feb 24-27


  • Types of Reactions
  • 6.12018
    • Single Replacement
    • Synthesis
    • Decomposition
    • Double Replacement
    • Combustion


  • Looking at different Reaction Types
    • Lab


  •  Finish Lab
  • Practice different types of reactions


  • Practice Different Types of Reactions


  • Pro D day

Biology 11 Dec 2-5





  • Those not attending
    • Block 1: Room B308 -working on alternative assignment
    • Block 4: Check in at the learning center for alternative assignment
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