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Month: September 2018

Sc 10 Sept 24-28


  • 4.3 Practice
  • Pg 77 in workbook


  • 4.3 Practice
  • Pg 78 in workbook


  • Chapter 4 Quiz
    • 4.1,4.2 & 4.3
  • Pg 78 in workbook


  • Chapter 4 Test 


  • Intro to Types of Reactions
    • Synthesis, Decomposition, Single/Double Replacement, Neutralisation & Combustion

Bring your parent to school evening

Thursday September 20th

Leadership Volunteers

Ensure to arrive before 5pm

You will be “hosting” the parents, greeting and guiding

The event will run until 8 pm

These hours can be used towards your service hours.  This would go under the “Service with a smile” category.  Ensure to have a supervisor sign your service sheet before you leave.

Leadership Team Building Presentation Dates

Monday September 10: Emily, Dawn, Camilla

Tuesday September 11: Anna, Rachel, Kiran

Wednesday September 12: James, Rafeel, Alice

Thursday September 13: Nyah, Charles, Shankara

Friday September 14: Stephanie, Linda P, Julien

Monday September 17: Serena, Hana, Keyan 

Tuesday September 18: Linda L, Aria, Razan 

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to another year at Central!

Check the blog for updates on assignments, tests and important dates!

Ms Hemingway’s Schedule

Block 1-PE 9

Block 2- Leadership B209

Block 3/4 – Science 10 B308

Please email me with any questions you may have 


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