Tuesday May 9th

Arrive NO later than 9:15 am, Plan to arrive at 9:00 am

If you arrive after we have entered Playland you will need to locate the security booth.


Complimentary parking will now be in the lot to the west of the Amphitheatre next to the barns, not in Lot 9.  We highly recommend you access the park from Gate 6 heading northbound on Renfrew as access from Gate 9 on the east side may be limited.

Please familiarise yourself with how to get to Playland.  We will be meeting at the Playland amphitheatre which is around the back of Playland next to the corkscrew ride.

Please sit in the middle bleachers

You will need a pen, your physics booklet handed out in class, water and a lunch

You can purchase a lunch at Triple O’s but expect long lines and pricey food.

You will not be able to leave once inside playland until we dismiss you around 2-2:15 pm

In order to be dismissed you must hand in your completed booklet (5 rides) and check out with your teacher (Ms Hemingway) not any other teacher.

If possible, please coordinate with a travel buddy so no one is travelling by themselves.