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Special Events

Stupid Cupid?

We’ve been working on a new dance in class–to the song “Stupid Cupid” by Connie Francis.  We’ve been focused on moving as a team–concentrating on doing the same actions at the same time!  This is hard work!!!! You can try it at home…   Dance away!

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Hour Of Code

Today we participated in the Hour Of Code!  We worked together with a partner, or by ourselves to solve a series of puzzles…writing code to move our ‘fuzzy’ friend along a series of increasingly difficult paths. You can check it out online and try one of the many games at home. We want to thank our … Continue reading »

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Alfie the Shelf Elf

We’ve had a visitor in our classroom–a shelf elf.   He arrived on December 1st with a letter of introduction and instructions that we should name him.  After a discussion and vote, we decided on: ‘Alfie‘.   We each have a daily journal and are keeping track of his adventures each night by writing a … Continue reading »

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In the past two weeks we have been learning Yoga in our physical education class. We are learning that “Yoga is a system of total body movements that incorporate stretching and poses with breath, relaxation and imagery. Yoga develops body awareness and improves flexibility, strength, balance and mental focus.” (ACtion Schools BC) What does Yoga … Continue reading »

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Welcome Conversations

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Division 9! It’s been great these last few days meeting all of the new families in Division 9–and reconnecting with families I already know.  It’s been so wonderful to listen to your stories and to find out what you have been up to since I saw you last! I look forward … Continue reading »

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Taiko Drumming Presentation

Today we had an awesome performance in the gym by Uzume Taiko Drumming.  We learned a lot about the use of drums in the Japanese culture, how the drums are made, and what each drum sound is called. When asked what they had learned, noticed or liked about the performance, the students had this to say: … Continue reading »

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We have been having a great time playing games and learning about tennis from Coach Dan in gym.  We have one more session, but here are some photos of us working on our skills… [metaslider id=1771] A big Thank You to the PAC for providing the funding for this special event!!

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We had a great time learning about fencing in gym this past week.  We learned a lot about the basic moves and weapons of the sport.  We had the opportunity to try out different weapons, and wear the proper clothing used in fencing.   Advance–The ‘advance’ is the basic forward movement. The front foot moves first … Continue reading »

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Belcarra Trip

We all had an awesome time at Belcarra Regional Park on Tuesday!  Thanks so much to everyone who helped to prepare the Go Grant that paid for the trip!  We loved spending time with our big buddies (Thanks Division 1!) throughout the day. The scavenger hunt was super fun…we’re working on a chart to record … Continue reading »

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Musical Performance

Today we attended our first Musical Performance in the gym. It was very exciting for us!  This was an excellent chance for us to practice the skill of respect.  We watched a wonderful group called Tiller’s Folly perform a program entitled:  “Stirring Up Ghosts”.  You can check out the link to hear the songs (along with the … Continue reading »

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