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Posted by on October 26, 2016

In the past two weeks we have been learning Yoga in our physical education class.

We are learning that “Yoga is a system of total body movements that incorporate stretching and poses with breath, relaxation and imagery. Yoga develops body awareness and improves flexibility, strength, balance and mental focus.” (ACtion Schools BC)

What does Yoga look like in Division 9?

• We reduce lighting, use calm relaxing music, and set the volume low.

• We have introduced the poses one or two at a time and are gradually creating a sequence of poses.

• We are learning to “listen” to our bodies and help them understand the healthy sensation of stretching.

• We are being reminded frequently to breathe and are learning to use breath to consciously relax (e.g. in through nose, out through mouth).

• We are learning all the poses so that we can add “a Yoga Leader” to our class jobs.

This is our last week of Yoga in the gym–and then we will participate in the classroom twice a week.  We have found that participating in yoga often has a calming effect–you can ask your child to teach you some of their favourite poses.


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