• Self-talk, ANTs and Super Power Questions

    Welcome back after the winter break! This month children in grades 2 and 3 are learning about self-talk, automatic negative thoughts and how to challenge those thoughts. We read a book called, “Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions,” written by Daniel G. Amen. Self-talk is automatic, temporary and usually not based on the truth.  It comes and goes like the wind and sometimes we get stuck in negative thought patterns. There are three types of self-talk: helpful – the kind that cheers us on and motivates us to keep going, unhelpful – this is where our inner critic shows up and the last type is neutral – not helpful…

  • Emotional Regulation

    In Division 5, we are discussing three key players in the brain and how they impact our mental health in our daily lives. The way we regulate our emotions impacts our relationships, the way we communicate with others and how we approach challenges. These are a few videos on this topic.    

  • Mental Health Week May 4-10

    Mental Health week in Canada was created to bring awareness and acknowledgement of the thousands of children, youth and families needing mental health support. In classrooms, to help students understand mental health, I tell them that all of us have mental health, just like physical health. It’s the way the brain reacts to everyday life events. Therefore, it is a priority to take care of the health of our minds so that we can adapt to the challenges that life presents to us no matter how big or small they may be.   Dr. Stan Kutcher is the leading professional in the field of mental health. He is a Senator,…

  • Connecting Time

    When we connect with other people, ideally in person, and when we take time to appreciate our connection to the natural world around us, we activate and reinforce the brain’s relational circuitry. Think of 3G 2P – Generosity, Gratitude and Giving back – People and Planet This week, write a comment or send me a photo of how you got your daily intake of Connecting Time.  

  • Healthy Mind Platter

    Hello Families, I would like to share the Healthy Mind platter by Dr. Dan Seigel and David Rock. It is a great way to get the essentials that the brain needs daily. Watch the video for an explanation and click the image of the platter to get more information.