Self-talk, ANTs and Super Power Questions

Welcome back after the winter break!

This month children in grades 2 and 3 are learning about self-talk, automatic negative thoughts and how to challenge those thoughts. We read a book called, “Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions,” written by Daniel G. Amen.

Self-talk is automatic, temporary and usually not based on the truth.  It comes and goes like the wind and sometimes we get stuck in negative thought patterns. There are three types of self-talk: helpful Рthe kind that cheers us on and motivates us to keep going, unhelpful Рthis is where our inner critic shows up and the last type is neutral Рnot helpful nor unhelpful, just observational.

When we think in helpful ways, a chemical is released and we feel good. When our thoughts are unhelpful, a chemical is released in our body and we feel bad.

These are typical thinking traps that we get stuck in.

What can we do to support children with unhelpful self-talk?

  • have conversations with your family about your process noticing, naming¬† & challenge unhelpful thoughts by modelling these three steps

STEP 1 Notice It – pay attention to your thoughts

Step 2 Name It – Oh this is an ANT

Step 3 Chase It away – use a Super Power Question


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