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Word Work!

Every week I will be putting up 2-word work activities on the blog. I have added the instructions and an example for the first week.

  1. Click on the images to enlarge and print
    (remember if you do not have a printer you can write it out on a paper)
  2. Read the scrambled words
  3. Put them in the correct order to make a sentence
  4. Remember our writing conventions: Always start your sentence with a capital and end with a period.
  5. Draw a picture to match the sentence

Example: My dog has spots.

If you printed the page, draw spots on the dog and colour. If you are writing on your own paper, draw a dog with spots on it!

Challenge: write your own similar sentence. Think of an animal and tell me something about it!

Example: My cat has strips. OR My fish is blue. OR My monkey is brown and has a long tail.

Word Work 1                                                Word Work 2

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