Hi Families,                                                                                                             

The first learning opportunity I would like to introduce is Raz-Kids.
Each student in our class has an account set up on Raz-Kids so that they can practice books at their reading level and move along to the next level when ready.

Signing in

• Click on the link below

• You will be asked to enter the  information provided to you by email



Once you are in the website, the students have the option to listen to the story (audio) or read the story themselves. I suggest that the students try to first read the story on their own, if they are finding it too difficult, they can listen to it being read to them, then try again to read on their own.

When your child is listening to the story:

  • encourage them to follow along with each word that is being read
  • and to look carefully at pictures to build concepts of what is happening in the story.

When your child is reading the story:

  • if they are stuck on a word, the best way to encourage them to predict the word is to check the picture and then make a guess that makes sense, based on the beginning sound of the unknown word.
  • If they are still stuck, you would give them the word and have them move on.
  • Ideally, we want the children to solve words independently as they gain experience.

Please let me know if you have any questions