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Worksheets – Level 2

I have added some math worksheets for students to practice their numeracy skills

Please note:

  • Students are not required to do all the worksheets. They are there for extra practice.
  • I have leveled them: level 1 and level 2
  • Please remember: Students are all at different developmental levels in their math skills – please meet your child where they are.
  • Please support your child to do the appropriate worksheet that is at their ability level.
  • It is better to begin at an easier level, and slowly move up to a more challenging level – this will allow them to feel confident and this will foster a love for math!
  • Please remember: at school students are encouraged to use their fingers and counters to get the correct answer
  • The more we practice numeracy skills – the better we get


Worksheet 1                                                                         Worksheet  2

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