Physical Activities

As you all already know physical activity is extremely important for our students. With our current situation (playgrounds being closed, sport activities being cancelled etc.), it is very difficult to find ways of having our children be active and have a chance to move their bodies

Please make sure to get your kids out in the fresh air as much as possible!!!!

I have listed some ideas below on safe physical activities you can do with your children during this time.

Try at least 1 a day!

  • Go for a walk outdoors.
  • Use a bike or scooter with adult supervision
  • Take out a soccer ball and kick it around
  • Put on some music and have a dance party.
  • Play freeze dance
  • Practice movement skills (jumping jacks, hops, stretches, sit-ups etc.)
  • Make a healthy snack together .


I will be adding 5 videos a week of so that you can do some “PE with Joe” everyday!!

Video 1                      Video 2                      Video 3                      Video 4                      Video 5

Video 6                     Video 7                      Video 8                      Video 9                       Video 10

Video 11                  Video 12                   Video 13                   Video 14                    Video 15

Video 16                 Video 17                   Video 18                   Video 19                    Video 20