Terry Fox Run 2018

Last week we had our annual Terry Fox Run. We learned about Terry, practiced our running and helped collect money to continue Terry’s Marathon of Hope.
Our run day was stunningly beautiful. The whole school participated in a warm-up and then headed out for our run. Several members of the Burnaby Fire Department joined us to run for Terry.

Word of the Week! (But, we call it W.O.W!!)

This week we are starting to learn to read a new word each week – We call it W.O.W.

You can help at home.  If you look at the top of this blog page you will see a ‘Word of the Week’ tab that you can click on to go directly to see the words we will be learning each week for the rest of the year. You will also find some fun ways to practice at home!

Thank you for your support!

How to Tie Shoelaces! (The easy way!)

Here is a super easy way to learn how to tie shoelaces.  Watch this video with your child a few times and give it a try!!

If the shoes do not have an extra eyelet to tuck the laces into you can tuck the laces under the tongue of the shoe as well. Once your child has become comfortable with the looping method (in a few weeks or months) you can teach them to hold the loops rather than tucking them.

I was very lucky to have one of my fomer students and her mom to make this video for us!! Thank you M & K!!

Kindergarten Class Lists & Gradual Entry Schedule

Here are the class lists and the schedule for next week:

Monday, September 10th students attend a one hour session only.  Your child’s time is listed below.
Tuesday, September 11th whole class attends from 9:00-10:30 ** Please send a small snack
Wednesday, September 12th whole class attends from 9:00-11:30 ** Please send a small snack
Thursday, September 13th whole class attends from 9:00-12:15 ** Please send a snack and a packed lunch
Friday, September 14th whole class attends 9:00-1:45 ** ** Please send a snack and a packed lunch

Ms Lawder’s Kindergarten Class
Room 101


Ms Shuster’s Kindergarten & Grade One Class
Room 217
10:30 – 11:30

Spuds in Tubs – Harvest & Potato Party 2018

Monday June 18th was “The Great Potato Harvest  & Party of 2018!”  All the primary students at South Slope gathered outside to harvest our potato crop together!  You may  remember, long, long ago (ha ha!)…. well, before Spring Break we planted our potatoes, since then we have watered, fertilized and EVEN sung to our potatoes as they grew.

The second big highlight of the day was when it was time to enjoy our Potato Sundaes!!   Thank you to Ms Shuster for putting together this great video & to Mrs Fierro for picking up all our Potato Toppings!

Science World Fieldtrip!

We had a fantastic day exploring Science World!  We also had the great opportunity to attend a Workshop called “Radical Ramps.”  We learned about gravity, forces (push and pull), and friction.

Before we caught the bus back to school we explored the cool new playground beside Science World!

We were excited to return to our classroom and find ways to make more Radical Ramps with the materials in our classroom!

Thank you parents and families for supporting us in this exciting opportunity!

Alice in Wonderland! It’s Showtime!!!

The last few weeks have been super busy as we’ve been preparing for our school musical – Alice in Wonderland!! The children were sooo excited to sing their songs and show you their fancy footwork!!  We hope you enjoyed the show!  This is a memory your children will treasure for the rest of their lives.  We are so very lucky to have such a fantastic music teacher at our school!!  Here is a little video of our class during their times “on stage”.   The opening number, our Caucus Race and the Finale!


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