Snow & School – What to do if it snows!

As winter weather approaches, there is occasionally the chance it will snow.  You may wonder if the school will be open or not.  Typically it will be!  

If Burnaby closes the schools they will post it on the front page of the district website by about 6:30am.   Click here:  Burnaby School District Website


The most reliable way to learn of school closures is to listen for updates on the following radio stations: CBC 690 AM;
CBC Radio One 88.1 FM; CKWX 1130 AM; CKNW 980 AM; Fairchild 1470 AM; or Fairchild 96.1 FM.

PLEASE….do not call the school.  Thanks so much!

Kindergarten Class Lists & Gradual Entry Schedule

Here are the class lists and the schedule for next week:

Monday, September 11th students attend a one hour session only.  Your child’s time is listed below.
Tuesday, September 12th whole class attends from 9:00-10:30 ** Please send a small snack
Wednesday, September 13th whole class attends from 9:00-11:30 ** Please send a small snack
Thursday, September 14th whole class attends from 9:00-12:15 ** Please send a snack and a packed lunch
Friday, September 15th whole class attends 9:00-1:45 ** ** Please send a snack and a packed lunch

Mrs March’s Class
Room 217


Ms Lawder’s Kindergarten & Grade One Class
Room 101

Welcome to Kindergarten & Grade One!



On Tuesday, September 5th – Grade One Students attend from 9-10am.  They should go to room 114.

Kindergarten Welcome Packages were mailed out on August 14th. We look forward to meeting with all of you during the first week of school!  Kindergarten children do not attend class the first week of school.
Here are the links to the Kindergarten & Grade One Supply Lists and information on our Primary Portfolio Project:  Kindergarten List and Grade One List

Spuds in Tubs – Harvest & Potato Party!!

Our Spuds in Tubs have been growing since March and we were finally were able to harvest them on Friday. The Primary classes met outside and dug our hands into the soil to harvest our potatoes! It was amazing to see how big some of the potatoes were this year. We found lots of bugs too! Mr Brown’s & Ms Cheung’s classes counted the potatoes — we harvested over 500 Spuds this year! Later in the day we cooked them and met as a group to make potato sundaes with butter, sour cream, cheese, salt & pepper. Yum!! Potatoes are soooooo good!

Bye, bye Butterflies!

We enjoyed watching our caterpillars as they ate and ate and ATE and got bigger & bigger & BIGGER!! Then they formed chrysalides and emerged as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies! On Friday, we were very excited to release our butterflies so they could spread their wings and explore our neighbourhood.

Vancouver Aquarium Fieldtrip!

In Science this term, we’ve been learning about animals that live under the sea! We read many fictional & non-fictional books and were all super excited to visit the Vancouver Aquarium!

We toured the Aquarium in small groups with our parent volunteers. Then we got to go to the Aquarium classroom and learn more about the animals that live in the oceans of British Columbia.  Just before we headed for the bus back to school we went down to the beach to run about and investigate the shoreline.

We had a wonderful time on Friday!  Thank you so much to our fantastic parent volunteers!!

Grayson Smith Author Visit

We were lucky to have Grayson Smith, an author and policeman visit us to read his book!  His book taught us about the importance of being inclusive and of feeling included.  The children loved Grayson’s story and learning about his life.

From the book….What would happen if, on the first day of school, you took your seat right next to a wild and woolly barbarian from the Far North?  

If you are interested in purchasing this book an order form will come home on Friday!

Poem in your Pocket Day!

We all enjoyed Poem in Your Pocket Day!!  It was so much fun reading our poems to everyone we met that day!!  In the afternoon we went to David Grey Park with our Big Buddies from Ms Keilty’s class and read our poems in the park!  Thanks for all of your help with finding and writing up the poems!