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Hello Families of Division 11,

Here are some things to note:

Masks and HandWashing

Starting Monday (October 4), masks are mandatory for all students. Please practice putting on/taking off masks and how to care for it. Consider attaching a lanyard to your child’s mask as it will help keep it clean and from getting lost.

Please practice hand washing at home as well, i.e. scrubbing for 30 seconds with soap and then rinsing. This is very important as we are approaching cold season.

Online Health Check

The Online Health Check is recommended for Students to be completed before coming to school each day, the link is below for easy use

Keeping our classrooms safe is our number one priority. If your child shows any symptoms please keep them home. While runny noses, congestion, and sore throats may not be on the list, they can be a sign of a cold or flu. We recommend staying at home to rest to avoid sharing germs in the classroom and allowing time for your child to recover.


If anyone is interested in ordering books through scholastics our classroom code is RC124097

Thank you,

Ms. Diep

Hello Families of Division 11,

Here are some things to note this month:

Terry Fox Run -  October 1

Our class will be running at 9:30am and families are welcome to cheer on their child from behind the fence on Rumble St.

Thanksgiving - October 11

The school will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday.

Picture Day - October 20

Students will be getting their individual photos taken.

Pro D Day - October 22

The school will be closed for Professional Development Day.

Halloween Celebration - October 29

Our class will be doing various halloween activities and students can wear their Halloween costume to school (no masks or toy weapons)

Thank you,

Ms. Diep

Hello Families of Division 11,

It was so lovely to chat with most of you during the parent conversations. If you were not able to make the meeting, please send me an email and we can schedule another time to talk. Here are some important things to note:

Online Access 

In your child's planner pocket a slip of paper was placed that has your child's PEN number, this will allow you to access online forms. More information regarding this new online format will be sent out later today by the school board.


Our library days will be every Monday, please have your child bring their books back to school on Monday morning to ensure they can sign out new books.

Extra Clothes

This is a friendly reminder to please leave a change of clothes and shoes at school for your child in case they need it.

Terry Fox Run 

Our school will be doing our Terry Fox run on Oct 1. Our class will be running at 9:30am - 10:15am. Parents are welcome to come cheer their child(ren) on from the outside perimeters of the school behind the fence near the gravel and grass field. Please note children in higher grades will be running at a different time.

Family Photos

Please have your child bring in a family photo to put on our family tree wall so that students can get to know each other better. It is also great to have for students who might be missing their families and would like to see a picture of them.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Diep

Here are some important things to note:

Parents as Partners Conversations

Thank you to those who have already chosen a time on Wednesday Sept. 22 or Thursday Sept. 23 for our Parents as Partners Conversations. If you have not signed up for a time there are times still available for you to select.

On September 22 and 23 students will be dismissed at 2pm.

The meetings will be 10 minutes long and will give us time to talk about your child as well as time to get to know each other.

Please come prepared to answer the following questions about your child as we only have a quick 10 minutes together:

  • Interests/ hobbies
  • Strengths
  • Stretches (things you hope your child will develop/ learn)
  • Goals for the school year (academic goal)
  • One wish for your child (does not have to be academic)

Please have a listen to the story below. After listening to the story please come to the meeting with one wish you have for your child this year. The wish can be academic, social or anything you hope for them this school year.

After reading this story my wish for your children is that they enjoy coming to school each day and that they are able to build lasting relationships. Your children have also selected a wish they have for this school year that I will share with you during our meeting.

Pro D Day - September 24

The school will be closed for professional development day.

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day) - September 30 

Please have your child wear an orange shirt to school on September 29th for orange shirt day. The school will be closed on September 30th. 

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you over Teams,

Ms. Diep

Hello Families of Division 10, 

Here are some things to note for June:


This week (May 31st) will be the last week students will be able to take out books from Suncrest Library. All books are to be returned by Monday June 7th. Books that are lost will be subject to a small fine.

Spirit Week (June 21- 28)

As shown on the calendar, Suncrest will be having a spirit week. Students will be part of a team colour (either Blue, Red, Green or Yellow) and will earn points for their team by participating in the days and showing sportsmanship and teamwork during class activities. **Students will receive their team colors this week and it will be posted on Freshgrade**

  • Monday June 21- House Team Colour Day (wear your house team colour)
  • Tuesday June 22- Blue Day (wear blue)
  • Wednesday June 23- Green Day (wear green)
  • Thursday June 24- Yellow Day (wear yellow)
  • Friday June 25- Red Day (wear red)
  • Monday June 28- Rainbow Day (dress up in as many colours as you’d like)

Jump rope for heart

Fundraising has begun. To begin fundraising or to sign up please visit

We watched the Jump Rope for Heart Kick of video which goes really well with our Healthy Living and Nutrition mini unit. It also has some tips for getting started at home. We will be jumping on June 25th with our learning group. Below is the link to the video.

Year End

The last full day of school is June 28th and report cards will be given out then. The last day of school is June 29th and it is from 9:00am - 10:00am. 

Our learning group is planning a visit to the water park at Suncrest Park during the last week of school. More information about dates and time are to come. Students will need to bring swimsuits, towels, suncreen, and a change of clothes on those days.

I will continue to post on Freshgrade and the blog with updates throughout our last month together as a class.

Thank you,

Rebecca Diep

Hello Families of Division 10,

Here are some things to note:

Long weekend May 21 - 24

This is a reminder there is no school on Friday May 21 and Monday May 24.

In Need of Food Flyers 

We are starting our food and nutrition unit. I would like to have students complete an activity that requires flyers with food in it. Please help your child collect flyers with food in it and bring it to school by Tuesday May 25.

Pizza Lunch May 25

One parent has kindly offered to bring in pizza for their child's birthday on May 25. If you are okay with your child eating pizza for lunch then a lunch does not need to be packed for that day. Please pack a snack.

Thank you,

Rebecca Diep


Hello Families of Division 10,

We are missing two books from the Suncrest school library that are signed out under our class. These books were probably from the beginning of the school year when Ms. Ho brought books for our class that were not signed out to specific students. The books are Minecraft: Beginners Handbook and Sticky Burr The Prickly Peril.

Please take a look around your home to ensure these books were not mixed up with your own books.

I have attached a photo of the two books for your reference as well.

Thank you very much,

Rebecca Diep

Hello Families of Division 10,

Here are some things to note:

Portfolio Responses 

This is a reminder to please take a look at Freshgrade with your child and return the parent response form as soon as you can.

Victoria Day & Pro D Day 

May 21 is a Pro D Day and May 24 is Victoria Day. The school will be closed for both days. Enjoy your four day long weekend!

Jump Rope for Heart

Students can begin fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart on May 25. More information will be sent home closer to the date.

Thank you,

Rebecca Diep


Hello Families of Division 10,

Here are some things to note:

Pro D Day

April 26th is a Pro D Day and the school will be closed.

School Photos

Students who began attending school in January will have the opportunity to take their school photo tomorrow morning in the gym. They will be called down during class to get their picture taken.

At Home Student Portfolio Share April 27 - 30

We are pleased to invite you to take part in our first At-home/Virtual Student Portfolio Share. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we regretfully will not be able to host families into our schools. Instead of meeting in person, your child has made a reflective comment on a few work samples for you to look through on Freshgrade. Their personal reflections on their work samples are available for you to review the week of April 27-30.

Our goal is to celebrate all that the students have accomplished this year and to make visible the growth that has taken place.  Please take the time to go through your child’s Freshgrade portfolio with your child. To make the experience meaningful for both you and your child, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill out a parent response form.

Please return the completed parent response by Wednesday May 5.


As we look forward to our Student Portfolio Shares, we have compiled the following list of suggestions, which will help ensure a successful experience for you and your child.


Make this a time when your child has your undivided attention.    

Pick a special spot around your house.

Allow your child to direct the PORTFOLIO SHARE he/she has prepared for you.


Focus on the positives and smile!

Employ active listening skills:

Use eye contact

Maintain positive body language

Listen attentively


Offer encouraging comment

Ask open-ended questions.  For example:

Tell me more about this.

Is this your draft copy or final copy?

If you did this again, what might you do differently?

Did you do this work individually, with a partner, or in a group?

Show me the steps you took to complete the project.

Tell me something new you learned as you worked on this.

Look for the development of thinking skills and ideas expressed in writing. Emphasis may not have been placed on spelling and grammatical structure in these assignments.

Provide encouragement for future growth.


Share 3 compliments with your child before suggesting 1 area for improvement.

The forms are attached to this post and it will be sent home with your child in their planner today.

Student Portfolio Share Form

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Diep