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Hello Families of Division 11,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our walking trip to Central Park. We will keep an eye out on the weather and if it rains we will make a decision as a staff whether to still go or not.

We will be leaving the school at 9:30am and will make our walk back around 2:00pm. Drop off and pick up times are at 8:50am and 3:00pm as usual.

Please ensure your child is already wearing:

  • their swim suit
  • a sun hat
  • suncreen
  • running shoes **for the walk**

Your child will need to bring (in their backpack or spare bag they can carry on their own):

  • water bottle
  • sunscreen (to apply again after lunch)
  • a towel
  • a change of clothes (if needed)
  • sandals or water shoes
  • snack and lunch

P.S. Wednesday June 29 will be a 10am dismissal. No need to bring planners to school after today.

Please note that next school year all primary classes will be going back to communal supplies. Families will need to pay a set fee and teachers will order the necessary school supplies for all students. More information about this will be sent home in September. 

Thank you,


Dear Division 11 Families,

Here are some things to note:

Sports Day Week

This week will be a very busy one as it is Spirit Week leading up to Sports Day on Friday!   Students should wear the following colours on the following days to earn points for their house team

Monday June 13th will be Red Day

Tuesday June 14th will be Green Day

Wednesday June 15th will be Yellow Day

Thursday June 16th will be Blue Day

Friday June 17th is SPORTS DAY (weather permitting) students should wear their house Team Element colour. (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) and comfortable shoes! (Preferably runners)

If the weather is very rainy Sports Day will be CANCELLED – please refer to the school website for information regarding cancelation. If Sports Day is cancelled the school day will resume as usual and Dismissal will still be at 1pm.

  • BIKE PARADE: On Sports Day there will be a Bike PARADE. This is optional! 

If students want to decorate a bike or a scooter and enter the parade they may do so. STUDENTS MUST HAVE A HELMET TO WEAR, or they will be asked to walk their bike in the parade. We ask that Bikes be brought to school in the morning at 8:45 am and be placed in the designated colour area against the fence along the backstop area of the field closest to the school. Students must then report to their classroom as usual. There will be an adult watching the bikes to ensure they are safe. After the Parade students will be asked to lock up their bikes along the fence in front of the primary classroom doors or parents could arrange to take them home or to their car/van at that time. Students who do not have a lock to lock up their bikes may leave them in the school Gymnasium until the end of Sports Day. Please Pick up your bike or scooter at the end of the day.

  •  Early Dismissal 1pm and Pizza Fun Lunch on Friday June 17th.

Suncrest Waterpark - June 22 & 23

If the weather is warm enough our class will be going to the Suncrest Waterpark next to our school on June 22 from 11:00am - 12:00pm and June 23 from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. We will be joined by Division 12 on both days. Please ensure your child comes to school with the following items listed below on these days. As there are no change rooms in the school, it would be best if students came to school wearing their swimsuits under their clothes. Families are welcome to join us during these times!

Please pack:

- a water bottle

- sunscreen

- a hat

- a bathing suit or change of clothes

- a towel

- a bag to carry their things in


Central Park Walking Field Trip - June 28 

A permission form will be sent home today in your child’s planner pocket that will have all the details about our walking field trip. Please fill it in and return the completed form to school by Wednesday June 22. If you do not want your child to participate in the walking field trip please speak with me after school.

Thank you,


Hello Families of Division 11,

Some school library books have gone missing from our classroom. Sometimes students accidentally take them home from the library bin. Can you please help your child look around your home for 3 missing National Geographic Kids Books. One is called By The Numbers, another is called Weird But True and the last one is called Titanic. If they are found please have your child return them to school.

We are also missing a purple octopus fidget toy that you can pop.  If that is found please return it to the school.

Thank you for your help,

Ms. Diep

Hello Families of Division 11,

Here are some things to note:

Saleema Noon - June 1 & 3 

We will have the presenter Saleema Noon who is an expert on body health come to our school to do a presentation for students. Grade 2 students will have their presentation on June 1 from 9:35am to 10:15am and Grade 1 students will have their presentation on June 3 from 9:00am to 9:30am. Please ensure your child arrives at school on time to prevent disruptions during the presentation. If you would not like your child to participate in this presentation please keep them at home until the presentation period is over. 

Shoeboxes - By June 3

If your family has extra shoeboxes at home please have your child bring them to school for a project that we are working on with Division 8.

Library - Return all books by June 10 

Our last library book exchange will be on Monday June 6 and all library books must be returned to school by June 10. If you are missing books please email Ms.Ho. 

Sports Day - June 17

Our school will be having our sports day which will focus on a variety of sports for students to participate in throughout the day and dismissal is at 1pm.

Last two days of school - June 28 & June 29

The last full day of school is June 28 and students will be bringing home all their school supplies and work today. Students will only be at school for 1 hour from 8:53am - 10am on June 29.

Financial Literacy Unit - In class market June 24 

We will be starting our financial literacy unit and students will have the opportunity to create products that they would like to sell at our class market near the end of the school year. Families are welcome to help their child start creating the products at home and have them bring it to school closer to the sale date. Peers can purchase these items using fake money that will be made at school. Some ideas could be book marks, origami creations, drawings, paper airplanes or boats. Students will also get time in school to work on their products.

Suncrest  waterpark 

If the weather warms up over the next few weeks, our class may plan some days to visit the water park at Suncrest park in June. More notice will be given beforehand to prepare your child for these days.

Thank you,


Hello Families of Division 11,

Thank you for your flexibility while our class was getting painted. We are all happy to be back in our regular classroom for the remainder of the school year.

This is a reminder that this Friday May 27 is class photo day and it’s fun lunch Friday.

Here are some things to note for theme days leading up to Sports Day (June 17):

May 26th – Monochrome day

  • Find one colour and have different tones of that colour (doesn’t have to be team colour)

June 3rd – Shade Day 

  • Choose one different shades to dress in – no colours (all black, all white or all grey, can also mix and match)

June 10 – Athletic wear day

  • Sports jersey, uniforms that they wear for dance, ballet, badminton, tennis, running.. etc.

 The week of June 13th to 17th

Each day will be a different colour 

M – Red

T – Green

W – Yellow 

TH – Blue

F - more information will be announced

Thank you,


Hello Families of Division 11,

Our class has a busy day on Thursday this week. It will be our Jump rope for heart event day. More information about it is written below. Our class also worked hard together and earned a class prize of a movie day in pyjamas, which will also be on Thursday May 19. If your child would like to wear their pyjamas to school then they are welcome to.

May 20 is a Pro D Day and the school will be closed for students. May 23 is Victoria Day and the school will be closed for the holiday. Have a wonderful long weekend!

Suncrest is once again participating in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart event. Students enjoyed smaller group kick off assemblies in the gym this morning and are looking forward to learning more about heart healthy living as well as fundraising for a good cause!
All fundraising is done online and you may register your child through the following link should you choose to:
Suncrest Jump Rope for Heart
Please click HERE for a parent letter from Jump Rope for Heart
Our Jump Day is scheduled for May 19th.

Thank you,


Hello Families of Division 11,

As mentioned on Freshgrade, Suncrest will be hosting our sports day on June 17.  Tomorrow is the first theme day leading up to June 17. The theme for tomorrow is ACCESSORIZE DAY! Students can earn points for their teams by participating in these theme days.

Accessories can be; Sunglasses, Hats, scarves, masks, jewelry, bags, purses, fanny packs, headbands, etc… in any of the team colours (blue, green, red, or yellow)! 

House Teams have been shared on Freshgrade and have been shared with the students in class.

Thank you,

Ms. Diep

Hello Families of Division 11,

Our class has moved to room 6 for the next few weeks, so that our classroom can get painted. Please drop off and pick up your child two doors down from our regular class. Our division sign and my name plate is displayed on the window to show where we are. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during this transition.


Ms. Diep

Hello Families of Division 11,

Here are some things to note:

Classroom Painting 

Our school has been getting repainted and our classroom is expected to be painted some time in early May. This will mean that we cannot use our classroom for about two weeks and we will be using Ms. Kalagendran's classroom during that time. Her class is located two doors down from ours and a more specific date and time for our moving day will be shared with families when I am notified.

Thank you all for your flexibility and patience during this time.

Scholastic Book Fair - May 2 & May 9

During our library times on Monday students will have the opportunity to browse and purchase books from the scholastic book fair organized by Ms. Ho (school librarian). A notice was sent home in student's planners with more information.

Jump Rope for Heart

Our school will be fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart from April 29 - May 19. All fundraising is done online and more information can be found at

Our kick off assembly for students will be April 29 and our jump day is May 19.

Student Led Conferences

Suncrest students and teachers will be hosting in person Student-led Conferences on Wednesday, May 4 from 2:15 – 7:00 p.m.  This is a wonderful opportunity for your child(ren) to communicate their learning journey with you. It is an important time as your child takes a lead role in discussing learning achievements (successes) and areas for growth (stretches)!  Teachers will be in touch to schedule the conferences by Wednesday April 13 and we will ask for your requests to be back to teachers by Wednesday, April 20.  Families will enter and exit classrooms from exterior classroom doors only.

The structure and format of the conferences will vary according to students’ grade and the work that they have been doing in each classroom. Students may demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. For example, they may show you portfolios, journal entries, reports, artwork or writing samples. You may see in-progress science experiments or math problems. You may be invited to participate in some learning activities! Some of the materials you see during the conference may have been chosen by your child and some by your child’s teacher. The selections may not always be finished or the most polished piece of work but will demonstrate growth or an area of improvement. Learning is a journey!

Our students are excited about sharing their knowledge and skills, and their ability to be reflective thinkers. We ask that you listen, ask questions and encourage your child in this reflective process. Self-assessment is key to becoming a life-long learner – a goal we have for all our students.

To facilitate a successful experience, we suggest:

  • allowing your child to lead the conference
  • commenting positively on your child’s achievements and progress
  • asking questions about next steps or future learning goals
  • arranging childcare for younger siblings so your child may have your full attention

As this sharing session is led by the students, parent-teacher interviews will not take place at this time.  Should you wish to speak individually with your child(ren)’s teacher, please contact them to make an appointment.

EARLY DISMISSALS - Please note that all students will be dismissed at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 4 AND Thursday, May 5.

Pro D Day 

The school will be closed for students on May 20 for Professional Development Day.

Victoria Day 

The school will be closed on May 23 for this holiday.

Class photos - May 27

Each classroom will be taking a class photo, which can be purchased by families to keep. 

Saleema Noon

She will be doing a presentation about body science for parents on May 30 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. More information will be sent out by the school.

Thank you,

Ms. Diep

Hello Families of Division 11,

Here are some things to note for this month:

April 2 - Family Portrait Fundraiser 

Families that have registered for the family portrait sessions are reminded that the event is happening tomorrow.

April 15 -18 - Easter Long Weekend 

The school will be closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday. Have a great long weekend!

April 25 - Pro D Day

The school will be closed for students as staff will be participating in professional development workshops for the day.

Grocery Flyers

Please help your child collect grocery flyers and have them bring it to school to help with our foods and nutrition unit this term.

Fun lunch dates 

April 1 - Pizza

April 8 - Subway

April 22 - Pizza

April 29 - White Spot

Thank you,

Ms. Diep