Anita Olson, our Early Childhood Community Consultant has put together more resources for you:

  • Bridges Preschool Program sessions are starting this month! This program is for families with children ages 3-4, who haven’t been to preschool, are new to the country or community and would like to learn more about resources and play. These sessions offer parents to connect with other parents and children to participate in fun activities with peers. If you are interested in joining, call Alba 263-889-5212 or check out the attached poster for more information.
  • The Family Support Institute of BC is hosting a virtual workshop for parents who have children 4-12 years old, who have experienced stress, worry, anxiety or trauma. This session offers trauma-informed approach to use creative journaling to help heal, build resilience, increase joy and connections for families. Join on January 25th at 10AM for this free session – for more details and to register, click here.
  • Establishing daytime and evening routines can help a child get a good night’s sleep. If they’re sleeping well, chances are you’ll sleep better too! Here are some tips on how to help a child get a full night of sleep (Source: Healthy Families BC). Learn more @ You can help young children get a full night’s sleep by

    • Keep regular sleep and wake times – a regular sleep schedule has been shown to help regulate emotions.

    • Relax before bed – soothing bedtime routines can help children relax and feel ready for sleep.

    • Help you child feel safe at night – some children may feel better with a night-light or a comforting object.

    • Spend time outside during the day – natural light helps produce melatonin at the right times in a child’s sleep cycle.

    • Get daily exercise though play – explore play as a physical activity to help children sleep longer and better.

  • If you are interested in a free one-on-one consultation about your child’s development, behavior, parenting tips, tricks and education please email or call  Anita, to set up either a virtual appointment or a socially distanced visit in the community. 604-723-9548


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