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Month: November 2020

Creating with Pinecones!

Start collecting all those pinecones when you’re out on a walk.

After all the wet and windy weather, pinecones are everywhere!  This huge basket of pinecones was from a backyard!  We can use them for counting, sorting, sensory play, building, stacking and more.


We can also create with them!

Using glitter, sequins and glue, let your child decorate a pinecone!


For a painting activity, you’ll need a cardboard box lid, paper, paint and pinecones.  Place the piece of paper inside the box lid, add some paint and then the pinecones.  Tip the box left, right, forward and backwards to make the pinecones move through the paint.  Watch how the paint mixes and how the pinecones leaves tracks all over the paper.  After you are finished, you’ll have a cool painting and a decorative pinecone!




Another activity to try is weaving pinecones.  You will need some yarn, string, ribbon or even pipecleaners.  Simply let your child weave the yarn in and around the pinecone scales.



And lastly, I glued some eyes onto the pinecones with a hot glue gun just to start the project.  I simply ask the children….”I wonder what can this become?”  I tried this activity at StrongStart after reading a story about Owls.  Some children made monsters, owls, themselves and other birds.

I supplied an assortment of materials for the children to create with.  Here, there are pompoms, feathers, pipe cleaners, yarn bits and wire.  You can also add moss, twigs and sticks, more eyes, fabric/ribbon and paper for them to create with!



You Matter

Join me in reading, “You Matter”

Written by:  Christian Robinson

Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Click HERE to read along with me.

***This video is no longer available.


We will also be singing, “Love Grows!”

I am a Pizza!

Hello Friends,

Join me in singing, “I am a Pizza!”

Click HERE to sing-a-long with me.




Community Resource:

You all may remember Maggie who visited our StrongStart centre regularly, back in the good old days.

Maggie is a Family Outreach Worker with The Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

If you have any questions about any programs or services or supports for you and your family, please get in touch with me. I work with families with children up to age 12.

Glad to listen.

You reach  me at outreachs@burnabynh.ca or call or text to my cell: 778-918-0189

Two Ways with Paints!

Here is a mess free way to paint.  Add a few tablespoons of paint into a ziplock bag.  This is a sandwich size bag.  You can even try a larger freezer bag style for a larger surface area.  Make sure it’s zipped up.  You can add tape to the opening end for extra security.  Let your child squeeze, press, smoosh and mix the paint without getting their fingers and hands messy.

What will happen if these colours mix?

I wonder what this looks like, what do you see?

How does it feel?

What happens if….?


Another adaptation is to tape it up onto a window.  Let your child explore how the light shines through the paint.  Does it look different?  What happens to the paint being taped up like this?

Painting with Q tips!

All you need is paint, ice cube tray or egg carton and Q tips.  What can you create with dots?  This is a great activity for developing children’s fine motor skills and eye hand coordination alongside their creativity and imagination.

If you are hesitant to let your child paint at home, you can lay down a garbage bag to make it an easy clean up.  Use little portions of paint to start.  Let your child wear an old T-shirt and have a cloth on hand for a quick cleanup.  Have fun with mixing colours and see what you can create together.