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Month: March 2021

Growing Popcorn Kernels!

Popcorn Kernels can be planted! Use the plain, loose popcorn kernels. These ones pictured are the no name brand from the grocery store. I used a clear container to plant the corn so that you can see the roots growing on the sides. I added a good few inches of soil and sprinkled the corn all over the soil. I planted the kernels quite close together so that it can look like grass as it comes up.

I placed the containter by a sunny window and made sure to water it. I gently placed the container lid on top to create a greenhouse effect, but this is not necessary. After 3-4 days, you can see the corn starting to root.

After a full week, you will see the blades of corn push through the soil.

After two full weeks of growing, I added some animals and bugs to use as a playscape. Add a pair of scissors for your child to practice cutting each stalk. Try pulling an individual stalk out to measure the roots and height of the plant. What will happen if you continue to let it grow?


How tall will it get? Maybe you can have your child draw the different stages of what they are seeing. Just brushing your hands over the growth feels cool too.

I hope you try this out and have fun taking care of your popcorn plant.



Where Happiness Begins and a Project!

Hello Spring Break!

Can you believe it’s been a year since the restrictions due to Covid started? We made it through a whole year together doing our best to keeping safe during the pandemic.

Over the next few weeks, I invite you to take the time to pause and celebrate little moments of happiness and joy. It can be simply noticing the smile on your child’s face as they enjoy their favourite food. It can be a moment of cuddly time as you read to your child. The more we pay attention to all the good things happening around us….the better we’ll be for it.

Here’s a photo my sister captured of me, taking a photo of the frost on the log at the beach. I am grateful she took this because it was a moment of peace and doing something that brings me joy…and that is taking photos. The frost was exceptionally beautiful with the sun shining on it and of course…having my cup of tea with me helped on this cold morning. Also, I love that my son is there in the background enjoying sounds of the waves and the view.

So I need your help! Please join me for this Spring break project! I would like to compile a collection of stories to make a “Moments of Happiness” book for our StrongStart centre. As I collect these stories from you, I will add it to our book. This book of happy stories will stay in our classroom for everyone to enjoy.


How you can participate:

Send me a photo of your child or you with your child doing something that makes you/your child happy. Capture these spontaneous moments, no need to make your child pose or say “Cheese” for these photos. Challenge yourself to observe and capture. Click away!

Give me a brief description of what is happening in the photo and why it brings you/your child joy. You can even share your child’s voice, what were they saying?

That’s it. Keep it simple. There are little golden nuggets of joy in our everyday. Let’s find them and celebrate them together!

Email me your photos at: Elizabeth.jung-liu@burnabyschools.ca


To get you started on the path of finding Happy and joyful moments…

Join me in reading “Where Happiness Begins”.

Please click HERE to read-a-long with me.

Written and Illustrated by: Eva Eland

Published by Random House New York

***This video will no longer be available after April 30th




Baby Shark!

Join me in singing “Baby Shark!”

Click HERE to sing-a-long.


Hello from Anita, our Early Childhood Community Consultant has more to share with you:

It’s hard to believe we are starting March already – that means spring is just around the corner! On your walk today, see if you can spy any bird’s nests in the trees – children are great at this game when they know what to look for – and see what they know about nests. When you get home invite your little one to build a nest for you to sit in together – pillows and blankets work well. If you’re feeling up to a bit of a messy activity and have some yarn and white glue, you can invite your little one to make a yarn nest! Check out the imaginationtree.com for the step by step instructions on how to create these messy and beautiful nests!

Mark your calendar for March 24th 1 – 2:30 for a very informative virtual Financial Empowerment Workshop. Reflect on the habits, beliefs and practices that lead our behaviour towards money. Learn about money management and practice using tools to plan and decide where your money goes. Check out the attached poster for more information or call 1 800 609 3202 or email moneynavigator@fsgv.ca  You can also visit vpl.ca/events  to register.

You won’t want to miss Burnaby Family Life’s Parenting Learning Event happening on every Thursday this March between 6:30 – 8! These are free to all families, caregivers and professionals in the field. Choose from The Power of Self-Compassion, Shifting Screen Habits, Nature…A Playground for all children and Belonging to the Village – or attend all four!!Check out the attachment for more information and registration or www.bflgrowscommunity.org/ple2021

If you are interested in a free one-on-one consultation about your child’s development, behavior, parenting tips, tricks and education please email or call me, Anita, to set up either a virtual appointment or a socially distanced visit in the community.

aolson@fsgv.ca 604-723-9548


Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7